More expertise for the Coinmotion private banking team

Coinmotion’s Private Banking service team has been joined by Sami Kriikkula in April. Sami has an encompassing experience of serving private banking customers with traditional financial instruments. Sami also has several years of experience about cryptocurrencies and related services.

 Sami will work in a key role in developing the service concept further and mapping out new partnerships. The cryptocurrency market is evolving fast and many new services have been published in the past two years. With Coinmotion’s private banking service we want to offer our customers a safe channel for cryptocurrency trading, storage and utilizing international networks to provide additional services.

“I am very satisfied to start as Coinmotion’s Private Banking responsible. This is a rapidly evolving industry with a lot going on. I have personally used my own time and understanding of traditional investment instruments during the past years to actively study the cryptocurrency sector. Prasos is also already familiar to me as a shareholder. As the market is so fresh I believe it is useful for potential and current customers to have a partner with whom to review things. For the past 8 years I have managed customer funds on the banking sector, discussing different financial instruments and personal economy,” Sami states. 

“We want to serve our customers as inclusively and easily as possible through Coinmotion platform. Cryptocurrencies are still a new sector for many and some customers want a more personalized service in making investments. By developing our private banking service we want to make it easier to get to know the industry and make investments. Additionally Sami will be a very good asset in the development of the service concept” adds Heidi Hurskainen, CEO of Prasos operating Coinmotion. 

Coinmotion Private Banking service in a nutshell

The Private Banking service is directed for private persons and companies looking for a more personalized service for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies. Our service provides a wide selection of cryptocurrencies for buying and selling, different trading pairs and several additional services. The minimum investment of the service is 10 000 euros. 

Coinmotion’s private banking service includes:

  •  An exchange platform for instantly trading bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple and stellar 
  •   A secure cryptocurrency custodian service 
  • Tailored individual content and information packages.
  • A personal service with a dedicated asset manager
  •  OTC trading through our international partners  
  • Access to a wide variety of altcoins
  • Fast and reliable transactions with a Finnish custodian bank 

You can get further information on our private banking service by contacting: [email protected]

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Writer Joonas Jarvinen

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