Weekly news 19 / 2018 : Coinmotion Has Litecoin and Big Players Want Crypto

The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been relatively static, failing to break through the 10 000 dollar barriers and making mostly sideways movement. It doesn’t seem that there’s an immediate movement to either direction, up or down. This kind of slowness and silence is understandable, as the markets were extremely overheated at the end of the last year, and it might take months for the normal pace to resume. Nonetheless this week is interesting, to say the least.

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Litecoin on ketterämpi versio Bitcoinista

Altcoinien tuominen Coinmotion-palveluun Bitcoinin rinnalle on ollut suunnitelmissamme jo pidempään. Toukokuun alussa teimme palveluumme päivityksen, jonka myötä altcoin vaihtopalveluiden tarjoaminen kävi mahdolliseksi. Emme aio tuoda mitä tahansa altcoineja vaan jo asemansa vakiinnuttaneita jatkuvasti kehittyviä kryptovaluuttoja. Ensimmäisenä lisäsimme pitkään merkittävän aseman, kehitystiimin ja käyttöasteen omanneen Litecoinin. Litecoin on Bitcoinin koodiin pohjautuva altcoin eli Bitcoinille vaihtoehtoinen kryptovaluutta. Se on yksi pisimpään voimissaan olleista altcoineista ja monien asiantuntijoiden mielestä yksi varteenotettavimmista kryptovaluutoista. Litecoinin kehitti Googlen palveluksessa ollut insinööri Charlie Lee vuonna 2011. Hänen

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SegWit Paves the Way for FinTech Revolution

The Bitcoin user base is experiencing a period of rapid growth. More and more people are buying, using and exchanging with bitcoin. The original Bitcoin protocol and network were never meant to handle this kind of stress, which has led to Bitcoin transfers becoming slower and more expensive. This in turn has made many to think whether it is even possible to scale Bitcoin so it can be used in a truly global way. But basically this is just a

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Weekly News 50 / 2017 : Cryptocoins Worth More than Half Trillion Dollars

Once again the week has been wild as it is becoming more and more clear that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming an integral part of the mainstream life. Bitcoin itself soars on highs of over 17 000 dollars per piece and as so many times before, the success of Bitcoin is also pulling other cryptocurrencies upwards, as most of the important cryptocurrencies are gaining on price. For example Litecoin, the Bitcoin-based cryptocoin meant for smaller and faster transactions, has

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Weekly news 35/2017: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are breaking records (again)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are breaking records (again)

This week has been a week of breaking records. After the last week’s activation of Segregated Witness scaling update, the price of bitcoin has seen a steady rise towards new all-time highs. And in 31th of August it broke the last record, rising globally as high as 4 747 dollars per piece of bitcoin. Bitcoin even briefly crossed the mark of 4 800 dollars, though it soon returned to lower averages. Currently bitcoin is trading for a little over 4 740

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Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news — Week 14/2017

Bitcoin: better regulated, than illegal Japan is making huge steps in recognizing Bitcoin as a legal form of payment, as the government has passed the law that categorized bitcoin as a kind of prepaid payment instrument and put bitcoin transactions under anti-money laundering rules. The law went into effect on April 1st defining capital requirements for exchanges as well as cybersecurity and operational stipulations. It is indeed a revolutionary step forward, which will certainly require more changes and updates in existing

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