Commercial Collaboration

Let’s take cryptocurrencies mainstream together! We offer different type of collaboration possibilities for private persons, companies and institutions.

Referral link

Invite friends to try our service or share our link in your investment site.

With our new referral system every time that someone registers to our service with your referral link and buys or sells cryptocurrencies on our service, you will receive 5% of charged trading fees during the first 12 months. Please note that the charged trading fee needs to be at least 1% for you to receive the referral reward. We will pay the reward to your Coinmotion account in Euros. Additionally, the referred person will receive a reduced trading fee of 1,2% for the first 30 days for making the registration with your referral link.

To get your personal referral link, please access Referrals section in your Coinmotion account and start earning!


Do you have a portfolio of customers that are interested in cryptocurrencies?

We are always open to discuss different kind of collaboration possibilities so please do not hesitate to send us an email to [email protected] so that we can study your particular case and come up with an interesting solution.

White label wallet and partnership solutions

For companies and institutions wanting to integrate cryptocurrency trading solution to their services.

In case you have a fintech platform and you want to add cryptocurrencies into your service selection or you are planning to set up a cryptocurrency broker service, and want to count with our 6 year long expertise in secure cryptocurrency trading and storage, we can offer a personalized solution for the backend infrastructure.

For more information please contact our commercial department by email: [email protected]