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Use your crypto as collateral and borrow euros wherever you are, whenever you want. Pay only the interest while you use the loan, and repay the loan in full when it works for you. Use euros for purchases, investing, or big expenses. 

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No unnecessary fees

No start, withdrawal, or monthly fees. No recurring repayments of the loan. You only pay interest on the credit you use.

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Flexible & instant credit

Get credit approval instantly. Withdraw the money to use however you want or invest it in cryptocurrencies. Repay the loan when it suits you.

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Collateralized loan

Your cryptocurrencies act as collateral for the loan. Open a credit limit denominated in euros. When your crypto assets grow in value, you benefit from it. Repay the loan in euros or by liquidating the collateral.

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For everyday use

Use the loan as you wish — be that everyday shopping, larger expenses, or investing. Decide how you want to use your money — with the Coinmotion Prepaid Debit card, payments, transfers, or for growing your wealth.

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Your funds are safe

Our customers’ funds are held in highly secure multi-signature storage, out of the reach of e-burglars. Coinmotion is one of the few regulated entities in Europe with a Payment Institution license and a Virtual Currency Service Provider status, granted by the FIN-FSA.

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If you have an expense coming up, you no longer need to sell your cryptocurrency holdings to get euros.

  • Instead, deposit crypto as collateral in the credit account.
  • You can now open a credit limit denominated in euros against the collateral.
  • Pay interest on your daily credit balance according to our service fees.
  • The loan can be repaid flexibly, at any time, according to your own schedule.
  • Our experts will review the details of secured credit operations and your liquidity in a personal meeting.
  •  We will typically notify you of a credit decision no later than the day after the appointment.
  • Simple terms: Credit interest rate: 5 % p.a. Maximum credit amount:100,000 euros

You will continue to benefit from the potential appreciation of collateralized cryptocurrencies. However, you will not be able to use or sell the collateral until you repay the credit.

If you use the credit for acquiring taxable income, the debt can be considered income-generating debt and, thus, can be tax-deductible. Check the regulations in Finland or in your location of residence.

Read more about the risks in the Terms and Conditions of the Credit account.

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How do I open a Coinmotion credit account?

  • If you don’t have a Coinmotion  click here to create one — it takes 10 minutes to get started.
  • If you are a Coinmotion user, and you want to use credit account, contact our Key Account Managers experts to book an appointment

Contact our Key Account Managers

How do I borrow money on Coinmotion?

Getting started with your Credit account is simple and quick.

• Fill in brief information about your total debts, expenses, and income. Your application is approved instantly.

• Then, deposit crypto from your Coinmotion wallets into the Credit account to act as collateral.

• After that, you can withdraw the loan money in euros — the sum depends on the value of your assets (collateral).

• That’s it! Now you can use your credit.

Top up the Credit account with crypto and withdraw money on our website. Do it even on your smartphone when you’re on the go.

What are the loan terms?

The credit terms are simple:

• Credit interest rate: 5 % p.a.

• Maximum credit amount: 100,000 euros.

What is the currency of the loan?

The currency of the loan is the euro. You can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Xrp, and Stellar (XLM) as collateral.

Where is the Credit account available?

The Credit account is available to our users residing in the EEA.

Are there any fees I should be aware of?

You pay only the daily interest on loan. If you convert cryptocurrencies to euros or the other way around, standard service fees apply. There are no additional fees. You can find the complete fee schedule in the full FAQ.

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Do you want to use a credit account? Contact our Key Account Managers experts to  Book an appointment

Contact our Key Account Managers