a Coinmotion ambassador

Join the insiders and help us make crypto mainstream

Are you our next coinmotion ambassador?

Coinmotion invites the local cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help us take cryptocurrency investing mainstream and to grow Coinmotion into a strong and trustworthy cryptocurrency financial service platform. If you’re actively following the cryptocurrency world and you’d wish the industry to grow, it could be a good idea to consider becoming a Coinmotion Ambassador. Currently we are searching for volunteers around the globe with whom we can push the cryptocurrency revolution forward.

The tasks of the ambassadors are related to testing our platform and services, as well as communicating and marketing these to their audiences. We want to hear your valuable opinion already in the development phase of the products, and this way create better functioning and customer friendly products to the crypto community. Even more so, we want to share knowledge of cryptocurrencies to a wide audience in a local and humane way.

We will hold frequent workshops for the ambassadors and support individual members of the team in producing content, growing their own audience and making possible events happen. Working is based mainly on volunteering and the individuals’ interest to cryptocurrencies, but we do offer exclusive products and experiences to our ambassadors as a thank you for their important work. You can also gather significant monetary rewards by combining our referral reward system and the new customers brought in by the work of an ambassador.