Merchant services

for cryptocurrency payments


Start accepting bitcoin and over 1500 other cryptocurrencies as payment method!

Enable cryptocurrency payments on your eCommerce safely, cost-efficiently and with minimal volatility risk. Coinmotion offers merchant services in cooperation with cryptocurrency payment processor Coinpayments.


Harness the power of cryptocurrency payments!

    1. Sign up on Coinmotion
    2. Sign up on Coinpayments
    3. Add payment plugin on your eCommerce
    4. Link Coinpayments account to Coinmotion
    5. Contact support to get the reduced fee

Why should I start accepting cryptocurrencies?

  • Cheap for Merchant and customer
  • Attracts new customers
  • Fast cash flow – Near instant international payments
  • Low-risk – No chargebacks

Why Coinmotion and Coinpayments?

Easy to set up

  • Fast and easy initialization
  • Everything can be set up in less than 24 hours
  • No need for separate cryptocurrency wallets
  • No need for special technical knowledge
  • No need for extensive cryptocurrency knowledge

Cost efficient

  • Fee of 0,5% for cryptocurrency payments
  • Fee of 0,5% if converted to euros
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No starting costs
  • No fixed costs

Rich in features

  • Cryptocurrencies can be converted to euros automatically when they are received.
  • Euros can be transferred on merchant’s bank account automatically
  • Over 1500 cryptocurrencies available
  • Additional features for investing and trading
  • Secure offline storage for cryptocurrencies
  • Limit and stop orders
  • Price graphs
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio view
  • Downloadable transaction history for accounting

For more information on our merchant services, please contact us on [email protected]. For support please visit our Help Center.