We offer a wide range of services to private investors and companies looking for operating with cryptocurrencies. If you are a private investor, or have a company that’s interested in cryptocurrencies, start investing by creating a free Coinmotion account. Read more about our services by clicking the headlines below.

Buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies

Buy, sell & store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and Stellar Lumens.
Start investing by creating a free account.

Private Crypto Banking

Private banking service is oriented for individuals and companies that require a personalized service to buy, sell and store a broad range of cryptocurrencies.

Commercial collaboration

Let’s take cryptocurrencies mainstream together! We offer different types of collaboration possibilities for private customers, companies and institutions.

White label solutions

For companies and institutions wanting to integrate cryptocurrency trading solution to their services.

Coinmotion API

Link your Coinmotion account to another service such as eCommerce or portfolio management tool using our easy to use API interface.
To make integrations you need to first create a Coinmotion account

Merchant Services

Enable cryptocurrency payments on your eCommerce safely, cost-efficiently and with minimal volatility risk.