Coinmotion Help Center

From Help Center you can find instructions on how to use Coinmotion, answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and information on commercial collaboration. Scrolling down the page, you’ll also find information on those cryptocurrencies with which you may trade in Coinmotion platform. If you can’t find an answer to your question from here, please contact our customer service.

Quick Links

To open an account in Coinmotion you need to register to the service. You can start the registration by clicking “Register” on the landing page or by clicking here.

To register you account, you must verify your email address. Fill your email address and password to the first page. Read and accept the terms of service and our privacy policy. We recommend you to accept the processing of your data to receive updates on products and relevant news.

If you have a referral code, select “I have a referral code”, and insert the code to the corresponding field. You can ignore this part in case you don’t have a referral code. Select “Next”.

The next page will ask you to verify your email address. You’ll receive a code for the verification to your email. Insert the code from your email to the corresponding field and select “Log in”.


After registration you must fill out your customer details. You’ll find a link to begin the process from My Wallets -page.

First choose if you’re creating a personal or a company account. Fill in your name details and continue. Use your official name as we’ll compare it with the information received on the verification process.

After this you must verify your phone number. Add your phone number and select “Verify with SMS”. Insert the code you’ve received by SMS to the corresponding field.

Then the platform will guide you to fill out the Know Your Customer-form. This form is a part of the regulation concerning us. We would kindly ask all of our customers to fill out the form carefully.

You must verify your account to be able to use all the features of Coinmotion. Finnish customers can verify their accounts with banking credentials, but customers outside Finland must identify themselves through SumSub -service.

If you’re a Finnish customer, please go through the Finnish guidelines on how to verify your account. If you’re from outside Finland, continue reading.

After you’ve registered your account and filled in the customer details,  you may enter the verification process of SumSub. The process consists of three different stages:


    1. Proof of identity. Here we will need a copy of your passport of your national ID. Please note that driver’s licences are not accepted.


    1. Proof of residence. This document can be one of the following, other documents will not be processed. The documents that you provide must not be older than 3 months.


  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Internet/cable TV/house phone line bills
  • Tax returns
  • Council tax bills
  • Government-issued certificates of residence, etc.

    Examples of documents that are NOT accepted as proof of residence: 


  • National ID
  • Screenshots of any of the above documents – please upload a PDF/JPEG or take a picture with your mobile.
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts for purchases
  • Insurance statements

  3. Selfie. Here the platform asks you to take a selfie so that we can be sure it’s really you who’s about to verify the account.

You can do the verification flow on your desktop or mobile, and change between the two in the middle of the flow as well. 

Make sure the photos uploaded are clear and whole, so that the information is easily read and there’s no cut corners. Please note that some accounts will go through manual checks, which is why the verification process might take a while.

To verify a business account, you must upload the following documents in “My account” – “Verify” in order to process your company account registration:

  • an extract from the company register (containing the names of legal representatives of the company) that should be max. 3 months old
  • company’s articles of association, requirement only for companies registered outside of Finland
  • a copy of a valid non-expired ID card of the person opening the company account
    • accepted ID cards are passport and national identity card
  • a decision of the company’s Board of Directors authorizing the opening of the account unless the company’s field of operation (as shown either in company register extract or articles of association) is cryptocurrency industry or unless the company in question is a one-person company
    • The decision must include the personal details of the person opening the account and must be signed by a legal representative of the company


If you don’t have access to the fore mentioned documents, please contact customer service for further assistance.

A bank account must be linked to your Coinmotion account for you to be able to withdraw euros into your bank account. Connecting your bank account will be confirmed by email. Note that the Coinmotion account must be by the name of the same person or company as the linked bank account is.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a significant element in the fight against financial crime and money laundering. Coinmotion Ltd is obliged by law to know their customers. A customer will go through the KYC process upon opening an account with us, and the customer situation will be updated yearly with the help of the KYC-questionnaire.


Purpose of KYC form

  • to collect relevant information outlined money laundering and terrorist financing laws
  • to get sufficient information about the customers actions and the scope of the customers business
  • to understand the grounds of the customer for using our service or products


The questionnaire is intended to help determine your financial and investment risk profile in order to comply with Coinmotion Ltd.’ legal and regulatory obligations.

Provided KYC information and other relevant personal information can be used to prevent anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, to reveal, investigate and to bring such actions for examination. KYC-related and other relevant personal information that has been collected to prevent anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, will not be used for any other purposes.


Why do we request KYC information?

Coinmotion Ltd. is obliged by the AML law to carry out client identification and source of funds identification checks. Coinmotion Ltd. will only provide a product or service once the checks have been satisfactorily completed. KYC forms are to be filled by the customer once every year, and the customer will receive the form automatically from the Coinmotion platform once it is time again to update information.

By filling and returning the KYC-Questionnaire to Coinmotion Ltd., the customer confirms that all information and documentation submitted in connection with the KYC questionnaire is genuine, full, true and correct and no information has been withheld. Coinmotion Ltd. reserves the right to request further documentation in relation to the KYC-process.

You must first deposit money into Coinmotion to purchase cryptocurrencies. Go to Transfers – Receive – Euros and choose a payment method. The alternatives are:

  • Bank transfer (delay 0-5 business days)
  • Debit or credit card (immediate)
  • SOFORT Banking (immediate)
  • S-Bank online payment (immediate, only available for Finnish customers)
  • Online bank (immediate, only available for Finnish customers)

Select a payment method, type the amount you want to deposit and click Next. We’ll go through an example case of using Bank transfer as the payment method.

If you choose Bank transfer, the next page will show the necessary payment information for a bank transfer, namely the account number and customer specific reference number. You will then need to make a bank transfer with the given information. Using the right reference number is important for the deposit to find its way to your Coinmotion account. The money will appear in the balance of your Coinmotion account after the payment has arrived to us.

If you choose SOFORT Banking or card payment, you will automatically switch to the payment service. The money will appear immediately in your Coinmotion account after a successful deposit.

To send money from Coinmotion account to your bank account, proceed to Transfers – Send – Euros. Transfer to a Finnish bank account takes up to one business day when the outgoing transfer is made by 4 pm. The outgoing SEPA transfers elsewhere take up to 5 business days.

We want our platform to be accessible to as many people as possible, for which we offer a diverse selection of payment methods. These are:

SEPA Bank Transfers: the Single Euro Payments Area includes all 28 EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK. The transfer takes 0-2 banking days, and the funds will be credited to your Coinmotion account immediately once they arrive.

Credit- and debit cards: an easy, straightforward and secure option to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The funds will be in your account immediately after a successful deposit.

SOFORT Banking: an instant online payment method available in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. Works with most consumer banks from these countries. All you need are your banking details, and the funds are immediately credited to your Coinmotion account once the payment has been confirmed. SOFORT payments are handled as Pre-Approved Deposits and thus, you may purchase bitcoins immediately but cannot withdraw the bitcoins before the payment arrives at our bank account (this usually takes one business day. Check Pre-approved deposits below). SOFORT Banking deposits have an inherent 2% transaction fee.

Instant payments with S-pankki: an instant online payment method only available in Finland. With this payment method, you can pay directly from your S-pankki account and the funds are immediately in your use.

Instant payments with Online bank: an instant online payment method only available in Finland. This payment option activates on a later phase of your customer-ship, and it allows you to move funds immediately from any Finnish bank to Coinmotion.


Please note that we cannot receive or send other than SEPA transfers.

Card payments can be processed only if your credit or debit card has been issued in one of the EEA countries, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

If the customer requests so, we can pre-approve deposits before they reach our bank account. A pre-approved deposit allows the customer to buy cryptocurrencies instantly. The pre-approbation requires that we can ensure the legitimacy of the customer and that he/she provides adequate evidence of the sent payment (i.e., receipt).

The pre-approved deposit does, however, set a limitation for cryptocurrency withdrawals from the Coinmotion account. This limitation is removed immediately when the deposit reaches our bank account. The pre-approbation of the deposits can be requested by sending a copy of the receipt to [email protected] We charge 5 EUR service fee for processing pre-approved deposits, excluding the pre-approved deposits inherent to SOFORT Banking.

You can only withdraw euros to your bank account.

If your funds in Coinmotion are cryptocurrencies, you must first convert them to euros from Trading – Sell. After this you may withdraw your euros to your bank account from Transfers – Send – Withdraw to bank. Please notice that you must have your bank account linked to Coinmotion if you wish to make withdrawals. You can link your bank account from Account settings – Manage account. 

Withdrawals in the SEPA area take anywhere from 0-2 business days. We’re processing the outgoing payments twice a day on weekdays, and once a day on weekends and public holidays.

If you’ve deposited money to Coinmotion and you cannot see the funds in your account even though the money has left your bank account, send us a receipt of the transaction to [email protected] and be in contact with the customer service.

The receipt must include the name and bank account of the sender, the amount sent, and the reference number or -message of the payment.

Paying invoices in Coinmotion is very similar to that process of most commercial banks. The required fields are recipient name, due date and reference number or -message. You can pay invoices to all banks and businesses in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom.

To pay invoices in Coinmotion, navigate yourself to “Transfers” -> “Pay invoices”. You can only pay invoices with euros. Please make sure that you have enough euro balance in your account when making the invoice, as the payment will be processed immediately in the next session of payment processing. The money will then be paid to the receiver so that the funds will be in the receiver’s account on the due date you’ve set to the invoice.

Please take into account that some service providers require your name to be visible in the payments. When paying through our service, the name of the sender will be Coinmotion Oy. 

You can download a receipt of the invoice by going down the page Transfers. From here you can see all the euro transfers you’ve made. Here in the transaction history, next to the transfer corresponding to the invoice there’s a “Receipt” button. You can download a receipt of your invoice by clicking this button.


Once you have deposited euros to your Coinmotion account, you can start buying cryptocurrencies. Proceed to Trading and select the currency and the type of order you want to use. Below the different types of transactions you’ll see a chart with price information of the various cryptos, which you may use to support your trading decisions. The “Orders” page shows you all the transactions you’ve made.

Market order is an immediate purchase or sell order at the current market price. The current market price can be seen below the order form.

You may navigate to the Trading page by clicking “Trading” on the header, or you can click the “Buy” button on any crypto you’d like to buy on My Wallets page.



In the Trading page you can choose the currency, the type of transaction and the amount that you’d like to buy. You can also select the “Max” button which automatically sets all the euros you have as the amount of the transaction.

Please note that the price of the currency may vary very quickly. If you click the max amount button and receive a message that your account has no coverage, press the Max button again. This will update the price information and the purchase takes place at the current price.

Buying with market order is a transaction that will be processed at the current market price.



Market order is an immediate purchase or sell order at the current market price. The current market price can be seen below the order form.

You may navigate to the Trading page by clicking “Trading” on the header, or you can click the “Sell” button on any crypto you’d like to sell on My Wallets page.


In the Trading page you can choose the currency, the type of transaction and the amount that you’d like to sell. You can also select the “Max” button which automatically sets all the saldo you have as the amount of the transaction.

Please note that the price of the currency may vary very quickly. If you click the Max amount button and receive a message that your account has no coverage, press the Max button again. This will update the price information and the purchase takes place at the current price.

Selling with the market order is a transaction that will be processed at the current market price.



From the Trading page you’ll find a tab Convert, where you can convert one crypto to another. For example, if you have ethereum and you want to move your wealth to bitcoin, you can do this easily and with lower fees with the Convert feature. 

You can convert bitcoins to any other crypto available in Coinmotion, or any of these cryptocurrencies to bitcoin. Other conversions are currently not possible.

The fee is always charged in bitcoins. The trading fee is based on your account’s current fee, which you can double-check before the purchase as percentages and as the final BTC amount from the line “Price includes fee”.

When purchasing with market order, the trade will be executed immediately. You can also use limit- or stop orders, where you set a price at which you wish the purchase to be executed. Below the different types of transactions you’ll see a price chart of these two cryptocurrencies relative to each other. Note that the charts in Coinmotion always show average prices, not buy or sell prices. 

Like buying and selling cryptocurrencies, converting cryptos is a taxable transaction. Please familiarize yourself with the laws in your country and take care of your tax duties accordingly.

Quick trades are a simple version of buying and selling cryptos in Coinmotion.

My Wallets-page shows the options Buy, Sell and Send for each crypto. The buttons Buy and Sell open another window, through which you can make quick trades. 

All you have to do is to select the amount for the trade and push the button “Buy” or “Sell”. The form will show you the rate, the trading fee, and how much you will get from the trade. You can always switch to advanced trading, where you can see more detailed price information, make limit orders, stop orders and convert cryptos from one to another. 

Once you have deposited euros to your Coinmotion account, you can start buying cryptocurrencies. You can either make Quick Trades on My Wallets page, or proceed straight to the Trading -page for advanced trading view. Here, select the currency and the type of order you want to use. Below the different types of transactions you’ll see a chart with price information of the various cryptos, which you may use to support your trading decisions. The “Orders” page shows you all the transactions you’ve made.

A limit order lets you set a price by which you wish to buy or sell bitcoin. You can maximize profits on your bitcoin investments by activating the automatic buying and selling processes.

The buy order is executed once the price of bitcoin equals or undercuts the price you have set. The sell order is executed once the price of bitcoin equals or exceeds the price you have set.

You may also set a date until which the limit order is active. The funds that you’ve allocated to the limit order stay frozen in your account up until the point the limit order is processed or cancelled.


Some investors want to use Stop orders to protect themselves against the decrease in value or on the other hand to ride an uptrend in the price when the price goes over a certain limit. A stop order can be set for the total balance or a limited amount.

A stop-sell order ​is a sales order that is placed in case of a sudden price drop. If the price plummets on Coinmotion platform under the set limit price the sales order is activated and the bitcoins are sold to prevent a higher loss. For example if the investor has purchased bitcoins at a 30.000€/btc price and he doesn’t want to risk more than 5000€ price drop, the stop order would be placed at a 25.000€/btc limit price.

A stop-buy order ​is a buy order placed in case the price suddenly starts to rise. With this order, the investor can join a starting price rally. If the investor believes that the price will start rising quickly after breaking 500€/btc, the investor can place a stop-buy order to 510€/btc so the coins are purchased automatically when the set price has been reached.

Please note that once the price surpasses the predefined price limit, the stop order becomes a market order. Thus the final execution price might significantly vary from the established stop­

On the Transfers page you can send and receive cryptocurrencies within and outside Coinmotion.

On the Receive page you’ll see your own public coin addresses and you can create more. All the currencies sent to these addresses will arrive to your Coinmotion account. Please note that you can send cryptocurrencies only to the corresponding addresses meaning that you cannot send litecoin into a bitcoin wallet. Sending wrong currency to a wrong wallet will usually lead to the loss of sent funds. Always double-check that the receiving wallet for a bitcoin transaction is a bitcoin wallet, not e.g. a litecoin wallet.

On the Send page you can send the cryptocurrencies to another Coinmotion user by their email address, or out of the service using the recipient’s coin wallet address. The crypto transfers of new customers are checked manually for security reasons, which might cause an extra delay.

At the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of all the crypto transfers you’ve made. You can view the transfers’ status in the blockchain by entering the the wallet address or transaction id to, for example, this blockchain explorer.

Coinmotion has the following daily sell limits:

  • BTC > 30
  • LTC > 600
  • ETH > 300
  • XRP > 115,000
  • XLM > 150,000
  • AAVE > 300
  • LINK > 3500
  • USDC > 100.000
  • UNI > 3500

We execute customer transactions in real time, and we allow you to send bitcoins or withdraw euros instantly. That’s why we can only let you transact the amounts that we can always guarantee immediately.

The trading limit can be temporarily lifted. If you wish to do so, please contact our customer service.

We process all bigger crypto transfers made by our new customers manually for security reasons. This might cause a delay to your first crypto transfers. The new customer -status will be deleted later on your customership, after which all your crypto transfers will be automated and instant.

Safety is the most important aspect in crypto trading and storage of crypto funds. The majority of our customer funds are being stored in a safe multisignature offline storage. This means that no single person can alone transfer the funds, as it always requires a digital signature by several parties. Our company has an extensive 7-year-experience of safe storage of bitcoins.

In Coinmotion you can save cryptos with our Montlhy savings service, or store your funds with our extra-secure Vault service.

Vault is a safe way to store your cryptocurrencies. You can store the desired amount of currency in the vault and set the time lock period from 12 hours to 30 days. You can make a deposit to the vault from Savings – Vault – Move to Vault.

The vault has one time lock for all deposits. The length of this time lock can be increased with new deposits. If you make a new deposit for a shorter time than the one you made earlier, the previous, longer time lock will apply.  Thus, if you make multiple deposits to the Vault with different time locks, the length of the time lock will always be determined by the longest set time for all deposited amounts and currencies.

You can withdraw funds from the Vault from Savings – Vault – Move from Vault. Each withdrawal request will be confirmed by e-mail and if desired, you will also receive a text message confirmation. This will give you time to react if someone else has gained access to your account.

You can’t skip the time lock, so use the vault only to store assets that you won’t need immediately. Currencies raised from the vault are reserved until the time lock period has passed.

The monthly fee of the Vault is one euro. The first month’s payment is deducted from the amount transferred to the Vault.

If you’d like to store you cryptos in the Vault, move the amount you’d like to store into the vault from “Savings” -> “Vault” -> “Move to Vault”. Select the amount and set a time lock period, during which no one can withdraw the funds from your Vault. You can choose this time period to be from 12 hours to 30 days, it’s all up to you.

When you’d like to withdraw your funds from the Vault, select “Move from Vault”. You’ll receive a confirmation message either by email or SMS, depending on your account settings. Your funds will be released to your account after the time lock period you’ve set to the funds. Don’t cancel the Vault withdrawal even though the funds aren’t visible in your account immediately, as this is the whole idea of the Vault service. For this, its also good to plan the usage of this service ahead, as withdrawal of the funds takes its own time and the process cannot be fastened up by the customer service.

The monthly savings feature helps our customers to distribute their investments over time. To activate the monthly savings, navigate to the “Savings” section in your Coinmotion account.

Set your monthly investment amount

Fill in the amount that you want to save every month, and select the day of the month that you want your plan to execute on.

Choose your selection of cryptocurrencies

Choose the distribution of cryptos that you want to save into. For example, you could distribute your monthly saving evenly among the available cryptos. You can also change your crypto distribution at any time for upcoming saving events free of charge.

Set up a reminder about the deposit

Finally, you can choose whether you want email reminders about making deposits or not. You also need to accept the terms of the service. See the next section for more information about deposits.

And that’s it! Just save your plan and it’s good to go — Coinmotion will now automatically execute your plan every month as long as your Euro balance is sufficient.

Making necessary deposits

Like stated above, your Euro balance on Coinmotion needs to be sufficient for monthly savings to work automatically.

You can make manual deposits via the Transfers page using SEPA payments, credit and debit cards, Sofort and some other options depending on where you live.

However, the most convenient way is to set up recurring monthly payments directly from your bank, if your bank has that feature.

The necessary payment details are shown at the end of the Monthly Savings page. It’s recommended to set up the recurring payment a few days before your planned saving date so that the deposit has enough time to arrive.

A credit card subscription feature will be added here later for even more convenient monthly savings.

After setting up the recurring payment, you’re all done. Just lay back and allow Coinmotion to automatically save in cryptos for you!

If you can’t set up recurring deposits, there’s nothing to worry about. In that case we recommend selecting the email reminders when creating the monthly saving plan. Also, it doesn’t break anything, if you miss a month or two. The plan will automatically continue next month when there’s sufficient balance available.

Interest account is a service with which you can make your cryptocurrencies work for you and earn interest on your cryptofunds. Through the service you may lend your funds to lending markets, where there’s a lot of leveraged business investments. This means that private investors and institutions loan cryptocurrencies form the markets for being able to make even bigger investments. The lenders of those funds are compensated in the form of interest. The interest is defined by supply and demand on the markets. In other words, when you’re using the interest account, you are lending your funds to others, and get compensated by interest income on a daily basis.

Please take into account that you cannot deposit Stellar Lumens (XLM) to the interest account. You can find the interest account from Coinmotion by logging in and navigating to Savings – Interest account. From here you can see all the funds you have in the interest account, the earned interest income, and the current interest rates in the markets.

There are no costs when transferring funds to the interest account.  Keeping the funds in the interest account is likewise free-of-charge. A small withdrawal fee will be charged upon withdrawal of the funds from the interest account. Withdrawal fees listed below:

Interest account withdrawal fees:

Bitcoin 0.00025 BTC

Ethereum 0.003 ETH

Ripple 0.1 XRP

Litecoin 0.01 LTC   

USD Coin 0.01644 USDC

The cryptocurrencies in your interest account are invested in short loan agreements of different lengths that vary between 1 to 30 days, for which withdrawing funds from the interest account can take up to 30 days. You can withdraw the funds from the interest account whenever you want, but the transfer of your funds and gained interests may take a maximum of 30 days. However, the delay is usually much shorter.

The lending market is not as regulated in the cryptocurrency sector as it is in the traditional financial markets. Funds in the interest account are also not covered by the European deposit protection.

The counterparty risks of the interest account service are being minimized and controlled. This is done by collaborating only with selected and regulated counterparties which are selected by Tesseract. These parties are also separately approved by Coinmotion. In the same way, risks are also minimized by selecting only such investors and platforms for the implementation of loans, where the lending is done with a relatively small leverage compared to other platforms.

In highly leveraged investments that use debt money, there is a possibility that the exchanges will not automatically liquidate the investment fast enough. This is an extremely unlikely event and has not taken place on large-sized regulated exchanges. This risk is also managed by accepting only moderate leverage on loans.

The interest account will generate interest to your capital and the gained interest on a daily basis. Thus, you will get to enjoy compound interest instead of simple interest. Daily payouts are beneficial in comparison to, for example, bank deposits where gained interest is paid out just once a year. The daily payouts and compound interest together cause a significant positive difference to the end result in comparison to simple interest with yearly payouts.

The interest paid to the customer of the interest account is the average interest of all the funds loaned to Tesseract divided with the number of interest account customers. The interest rate is defined by loans, that are managed by Tesseract.There are multiple different loans simultaneously with different loan times and interest rates. The accumulated interest is then divided to customers’ personal accounts on a daily basis, according to the capital allocated to their interest accounts.

The interest is defined and paid to the total amount loaned each day, and the realized interest is proportionately divided to Coinmotion’s customers daily. Thus, the interest rate is an average rate paid to the total sum invested by Coinmotion.

The funds you have deposited to the interest account will not be exchanged to other currencies at any point. This increases the safety and transparency of the service. The interest will also be paid in the same currency you have deposited into your interest account. Tesseract does not sell, exchange or trade customer funds, except lend them according to the agreed contract.

Interest paid on capital is subject to capital income taxation and clients must take into account the interest paid on their own taxation forms.

As Coinmotion does not provide any tax officials with preliminary information on profits, it is the user’s responsibility to report these profits to their relevant tax authorities.

When using the interest account, Coinmotion’s customer allows their cryptocurrencies to be administered and loaned forward by Tesseract. Tesseract  proceeds investing the funds into cryptocurrency loan contracts on behalf of the client. 

By this fact it is noteworthy that these client funds are not within the policies of our normal custodial practices as Prasos has no direct control over the funds on the interest account. Interest account terms of service are accepted separately when activating the interest account. The interest account is a separate ancillary service in which the funds held by Prasos are transferred to the management of our partner Tesseract. In this context, it should be noted that these funds are NOT within the scope of our normal custody practices and Prasos does not have direct control over the interest account assets. The terms and conditions of the interest account service are acceptable separately when activating the service.

Tesseract is a digital currency company operating from Helsinki, which is also supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). Tesseract, formerly known as WhaleLend, is a European and an experienced operator in the cryptocurrency lending market. For being able to provide safe and quality services for their clients, the company uses only selected and regulated counterparties as its business counterparties. In addition, Tesseract only uses service providers that are insured against hacking to fort customer fund transfers and short-term storage.

Tesseract has multidisciplinary expertise in portfolio management, capital markets, investments and blockchain technology. Key personnel have work experience e.g. companies such as. BCG, Morgan Stanley & Clifford Chance LLP. Among others, e.g. Taaleri, Estlander & Partners and Icebreaker have invested to Tesseract. Click here for more information about the company.

From the other several service providers many do not have a reputable European cryptocurrency license, meaning that their clients are subject to a higher risk in terms of lack of supervision by EU authorities. 

Some of even the biggest European cryptocurrency lenders have failed to obtain a license which is compliant with the EU’s 5th  Anti-Money Laundering Directive which is the basis for Finland’s Act on Virtual Currency Providers and the primary EU regulatory framework for all digital asset businesses. 

Some US-based service providers on the other hand, are regulated with different licenses from different states across the U.S. Even a legal expert can’t verify with certainty what supervision actually applies to these companies. Tesseract takes pride in being regulated by the Finnish FSA, adhering to the highest European regulatory framework in a country endorsing transparency. Many foreign operators provide no transparency as to what the borrowed funds are used for.

When comparing different services, another point worth noting is the convenience of using Tesseract’s account directly from Coinmotion (Prasos) without having to move the assets to another service. Prasos and Tesseract together offer cryptocurrency holders looking for an additional yield an unparalleled combination of convenience and security. 

Using Coinmotion is extremely safe. We take every measure to ensure our customers a secure storage place for their funds. For this reason most of our customer funds are in a safe multisignature offline storage. This means that no single person can alone transfer the funds, as it always requires a digital signature by several parties.

Coinmotion Oy is the first company in Europe to get the payment institution license and registration as a virtual currency service provider. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has granted this license and registration to the company after various auditions and security controls.

Coinmotion is more than an exchange service, since it also provides a safe storage place for your cryptocurrencies in addition to other useful features. In Coinmotion you can:

  • Store funds in a top-secure Vault protected by a time lock
  • Send cryptocurrencies to other Coinmotion users instantly without fees
  • Send cryptocurrencies outside the service
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies for euros and vice versa instantly
  • Make limit and stop orders at certain prices
  • Transfer euros to and from your bank account
  • Make an ongoing saving plan

Coinmotion is a service provided by Prasos Ltd, complying with current Finnish law. Prasos has over 7 years of experience in safely managing customer funds both for Finnish and international customers.

Open an account for free with no commitments!

Portfolio Value Change gives you a simple image on how your investments in Coinmotion have developed in percentages.

The change in value has been calculated by relating the acquisition price of each cryptocurrency of Coinmotion to the current market price on the platform. Percentage change in the value of an individual cryptocurrency shows the current % -change in relation to the acquisition price of the cryptocurrencies: (current exchange rate – acquisition price) / acquisition price. In the portfolio, the change is displayed weighted by the weight of each currency in the customer’s portfolio. 

The acquisition price takes into account purchases, sales and cryptocurrency transfers on a FIFO basis. For transfers, the acquisition price is determined by the market price at the time of the transfer, which is the price at the time the cryptocurrency is transferred to Coinmotion’s wallet. In the future, we will offer our clients the opportunity to determine the acquisition price for transferred cryptocurrencies to get a more exact result of the portfolio’s value change.

Coinmotion does have its own mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app directly from Google Play or App store by typing “Coinmotion” to the search field.

Additionally, Coinmotion has its own PWA application, which makes using the browser version of Coinmotion easier with mobile devices. You can start using the application by first logging in to Coinmotion. With Android phones, the site suggests you to download the application immediately. With Safari-browser you must first delete your browsing history, after which the browser suggests installation of the application. Read more about our PWA application from here.

You can earn big time by referring Coinmotion to your friends. We have the most rewarding referral program of all the cryptocurrency operators in Europe.

With our new referral system every time that someone registers to our service with your referral link and buys or sells cryptocurrencies on our service, you  receive 50% of charged trading fees during the first 12 months. Please note that the charged trading fee needs to be at least 1% for you to receive the referral reward. We will pay the reward to your Coinmotion account in euros. Additionally, the referred person will receive a reduced trading fee of 1% for the first 30 days after registration with your referral link.

To get your personal referral link, please access Referrals section in your Coinmotion account and start earning!

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) protects your account by requiring a second verification. This makes it very difficult for abusive attempts, because when two-step authentication is enabled, account and password information for the account is not enough to log in and operate the account. Two-phase authentication applications, such as Google Authenticator, create constantly revolving, instantaneous validation codes that are requested at login.

The sign-in process proceeds as following when 2FA is enabled:

1) Enter your username and password.

2) If the information is correct, the service will ask for a 2-step authentication code on your mobile device.

3) Enter the code provided by the program and log in.

To enable two-factor authentication, follow these steps:

1) Download an official authenticator app to your phone (for example Google Authenticator  or Microsoft Authenticator).

2) Go to “Account Settings” in your Coinmotion account, and click Enable for Two-factor authentication. You will receive a confirmation link to your email.

3) Click the email you received to access the page that now displays a QR code.

4) Open the authenticator application on your phone and press the + sign. Select “read barcode” and scan the QR code displayed on the page.

5) The authenticator app should now display a variable six-digit verification code that you type in the Verification Code box on the Coinmotion page. You have now successfully enabled 2-factor authentication. Remember to write down the verification ID above the QR code which you’ll need in case you lose your device with the authenticator app.

If the 2FA code doesn’t work, it might be because of incorrect time on your device. Check the time and timezone of your device, as the time must be perfectly synchronized with the application. Google Authenticator’s Android app has a feature for time-correction behind the three dots -menu.

If you’ve lost or changed your mobile device and don’t have the recovery code, downloading a new Google Authenticator won’t solve the problem. However, your 2FA can be manually disabled by our customer service. Please be in contact if this is the case and you’ll be given instructions on how to proceed.

You will receive an email confirmation when you log in to Coinmotion from a new IP address. Copy the confirmation code sent to your email to the login page.

You can disable IP confirmations by firstly enabling two-factor authentication on your account settings. After this you can choose to disable the IP confirmations from your account’s settings.

Coinmotion takes a percentual fee of each buying- and selling transaction. As the volumes of a customer grow, the basic 2% commission fee decreases according to the effective volume discount chart. You can find this chart from your account menu on “Volume Discounts”. On the left side of the chart you’ll see the discounted fee, and on the right side the 90 day volume necessary for obtaining that fee. For example, to obtain a 1,8% trading fee, your trading volume in the past 90 days must be more than 500€.

Please note that limit- and stop orders are always executed with the trading fee active on the account upon creating the order. Both parties, Coinmotion and the customer, commit to executing the trade on the terms that are set upon creating a stop/limit order. Thus, changes in the trading fee do not affect previously made sell or limit orders.

Creating and managing your account doesn’t cost you anything. Storing your funds is also free-of-charge, except for the Vault -service, which costs 1 euro a month per cryptocurrency. The monthly fee is charged from the cryptofunds stored in the Vault.

Crypto transfers are free-of-charge, both inside the platform and outside from it. However, crypto transfers outside from Coinmotion do include the mining fee, which is set according to the market situation.

Withdrawing money to your bank account costs 0,90€ per withdrawal.

Paying invoices cost 0,90€ per invoice.

You can read more about our prices from here.

If you’d like to close your Coinmotion account, you may notice our customer service through Coinmotion messages. Our team will then remove your account manually according to Coinmotion Oy’s Privacy Policy.

Before closing the account, you must transfer all the euros and cryptocurrencies away from your Coinmotion account. You may do both transfers in the section “Transfers” -> “Send”.

It’s recommendable to download your account’s transaction history from the foot of the page “My Wallets” -> “Download Excel”.

If you have decided not to use Coinmotion only temporarily, we suggest you to leave your account as it is in case you find our services useful in the future.

If the platform says you have the wrong password or email when logging in, change your password by selecting “I forgot my password” on the log-in page, or click here. You’ll get instructions to your email on how to change your password. Please notice that the code you’ll receive in the email is not your new password, but the confirmation code needed for changing the password.

If you cannot log in for some other reason (the page doesn’t load, the session is closed, etc) delete your browser’s history. If this doesn’t help, try logging in with some other browser.

To be able to use all the services of Coinmotion you must have a bank account in a bank located in the SEPA. Unfortunately we cannot receive or send other than SEPA transfers.

Card payments can be processed only if your credit or debit card has been issued in one of the EEA countries, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

In addition to the payment restrictions, we cannot take customers from the following countries: Albania, Bahama, Barbados, Botswana, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Kamputsea, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Uganda, USA, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, currently you cannot open an account for your child. We will inform our customers immediately if we add this kind of service to our platform in the future.

The interest rate is determined for the investor as the average interest rate on the total funds borrowed from Coinmotion customers. The total interest rate is determined by the loans issued through the Tesseract service. The loans are open at the same time with several different loan periods and different interest rates.

The interest is determined on the total assets on a daily basis and the accrued interest is paid to the customer’s own Coinmotion account when the customer funds in the interest account are withdrawn. Interest account deposits are pooled once a day, so deposits made during the same day will accrue to the club for the next day’s interest.


The cryptocurrencies you deposit into your interest account will not be converted to another currency at any time. This increases the transparency and security of the service. Interest income will also be paid in the currency you have deposited into the interest account. Tesseract does not sell, exchange or trade customer funds, except for an agreed quote.

Interest paid on capital is subject to capital income taxation and the user must take into account the interest paid in his own tax return under “Other capital income”. Coinmotion does not provide the taxpayer with preliminary information on the tax return in advance, so it is the user’s responsibility to provide the information to the tax authority of his / her region / country.

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When using the interest-account, Coinmotion’s customer lends the cryptographic funds deposited in the interest-bearing account to Tesseract for further lending. Tesseract invests the proceeds in cryptocurrency loans.

The interest account is a separate service in which the funds held by Coinmotion are passed on to our partner Tesseract. In this context, it should be noted that these funds are not within the scope of our normal custody practices and Coinmotion does not have direct control over the interest account assets. The terms of use of the interest account service must be accepted separately when activating the service.

Tesseract Group Oy is a digital currency company operating from Helsinki, whose operations are also supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). Tesseract, formerly known as WhaleLend, is a European and experienced player in the virtual currency loan market. The company uses only selected and regulated counterparties as its counterparties. Tesseract uses service providers that are insured against hacking to receive transfers and keep customer funds for a short period of time

Tesseract has multidisciplinary expertise in portfolio management, capital markets, investment and blockchain technology. Key personnel have work experience e.g. companies such as. BCG, Morgan Stanley & Clifford Chance LLP. Tesseract has invested in e.g. Taaleri, Estlander & Partners and Icebreaker. You can find more information about the company by clicking here. 

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Many of the other players in the industry do not have the highest rating under EU law for the digital currency business. In practice, this means that customers of less regulated operators are more exposed to risks due to less regulation and supervision.

Some of the big European players have also failed to obtain the same license in accordance with the European Union’s Fifth Money Laundering Directive. Again, the Virtual Currency Service Provider’s license issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority is based on this high-standard EU directive.

For example, U.S.-based service providers are regulated by a number of different licenses from several different U.S. states. Even an international legal expert is not able to ascertain what supervision is actually exercised over such operators and under which state’s articles it should act with regard to European clients.

Tesseract is proud to be a highly regulated domestic operator with licenses in accordance with the EU Directive, the highest possible rating. In the same way, Tesseract offers a high level of transparency about its processes and interest rate account policies. Many foreign operators do not explain how customer funds are retained, or what is done with the funds during retention.

The cooperation between Coinmotion and Tesseract also provides the customer with an easy and safe way to get interest on the funds, without the need to separately transfer the funds for safekeeping to another, external operator.

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Coinmotion has a WordPress plugin that offers valuable price information on cryptocurrencies to your website’s users. The plugin has a referral link embedded to it, which rewards the installer of the plugin generously; every time a person registered to Coinmotion through that link makes a transaction, you will get 50% of all the transaction fees during the first 12 months of the registration! Moreover, the users that have registered through your link will enjoy a discounted trade commission during the first 30 days from creating a Coinmotion account.

Advantages of using Coinmotion’s Bitcoin and crypto plugin – it’s free of charge

  • An extra stream of income thanks to its built-in compensating of the installer. Normally Google Adsense isn’t enough.
  • Increase of the medium time spent on your page, helps with SEO.
  • It doesn’t increase the load speed on your site, better for your SEO.
  • Personalized style created according to the design of your site.
  • It’s free, you don’t have to pay a single euro or bitcoin for it.

Follow this link for instructions on how to install the WordPress plugin to your website!

Do you have a portfolio of customers that are interested in cryptocurrencies?

We are always open to discuss different kind of collaboration possibilities so please do not hesitate to send us an email to [email protected] so that we can study your particular case and come up with a partnership suggestion. We have several partners making tens of thousands of euros in commissions annually by referring our service. Please contact us, if you have a blog, investing related website or any other channel where you reach an audience, which could be interested in using our services.

Our merchant services enable you to accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method in your online store. You may invoice with cyrptocurrencies or receive cryptos in the selling moment with the Point of Sale -application.

Enable cryptocurrency payments on your eCommerce safely, cost-efficiently and with minimal volatility risk. Coinmotion offers merchant services in cooperation with cryptocurrency payment processor Coinpayments. Start accepting bitcoin and over 1500 other cryptocurrencies today!






Harness the power of cryptocurrency payments!

  1. Create a business account to Coinmotion
  2. Sign up on Coinpayments
  3. Add payment plugin on your eCommerce
  4. Link Coinpayments account to Coinmotion
  5. Contact support to get the reduced fee

Why should I start accepting cryptocurrencies?

  • Cheap for Merchant and customer
  • Attracts new customers
  • Fast cash flow – Near instant international payments
  • Low-risk – No chargebacks

Why Coinmotion and Coinpayments?

Easy to set up

  • Fast and easy initialization
  • Everything can be set up in less than 24 hours
  • No need for separate cryptocurrency wallets
  • No need for special technical knowledge
  • No need for extensive cryptocurrency knowledge

Cost efficient

  • 0,5% fee for receiving cryptos
  • 0,5% fee for converting cryptos to euros
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No starting costs
  • No fixed costs

Rich in features

  • Cryptocurrencies can be converted to euros automatically when they are received.
  • Euros can be transferred on merchant’s bank account automatically
  • Over 1500 cryptocurrencies available
  • Additional features for investing and trading
  • Secure offline storage for cryptocurrencies
  • Limit and stop orders
  • Price graphs
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio view
  • Downloadable transaction history for accounting

For more information on our merchant services, please contact us on [email protected].

You can link your Coinpayments account to Coinmotion in two ways, either by..

a) linking your Coinpayments and Coinmotion accounts for automatic cryptocurrency transfers and conversions to euros. This option will minimize volatility risks.

b) linking the accounts to automatically receive cryptocurrencies on your Coinmotion account. This option lets you control what to do with your cryptocurrencies and when.


A) Automatic transfer and trade

1. Sign in to Coinpayments

2. Choose “Coin Settings” from the main menu


3. Choose “Fiat settlements”


4. Choose “Europe”


5. Choose “Coinmotion”




6. Open a new browser tab and log into Coinmotion. Navigate to “API” from user menu.


7. Give the API key a name and the following permissions:

  • Get balances
  • Sell
  • Get new deposit address
  • Withdraw EU

Lastly input 2FA code from your authenticator software (requisite).

8. Confirm the API creation via email.

Do not leave the next page before you have written down the API key and secret.

9. Page shows you the API key and secret. Input both into Coinpayments API credentials page.


B) Automatic transfer


1. Log into Coinpayments

2. Choose “Coin Settings”


3. Fill details for accepted currencies



  • Tick “Enabled” for accepted currencies
  • Fill “Your Payment Address” for each cryptocurrency. Addresses are found on Wallets page on Coinmotion and are long strings of characters. Note that addresses for XRP and XLM consist of two parts.
  • Choose “Payment Mode” for each coin
  • Add “Discount” to modify the price multiplier for each coin
  • Add “Maximum Value” to for maximum transfer limit
  • When ready, click “Update Coin Preferences” on the bottom of the page

The business customers using our merchant services get to enjoy big discounts on receiving cryptos and exchanging cryptos to euros. Withdrawing euros to your bank account costs under an euro per withdrawal.


  • Receiving cryptocurrencies 0,5%
  • Exchanging cryptocurrencies to euros 0,5%
  • Withdrawing euros to your bank account 0,90€

Please be in contact with the customer service once you’ve successfully activated the merchant services, so that we can activate the merchant discounts to your account.

For companies and institutions wanting to integrate cryptocurrency trading solution to their services.

In case you have a fintech platform and you want to add cryptocurrencies into your service selection or you are planning to set up a cryptocurrency broker service, and want to count with our 6 year long expertise in secure cryptocurrency trading and storage, we can offer a personalized solution for the backend infrastructure.

For more information please contact our commercial department by email: [email protected]

Virtual currencies are a digital payment method and system. Cryptocurrencies in turn are virtual currencies based specifically on cryptography. There are currently over 2000 different cryptocurrencies, and new ones are generated constantly. The most known example is Bitcoin, but there are also other alternative cryptocurrencies called altcoins and tokens.

The altcoin term refers to all cryptocurrencies that are alternatives to Bitcoin and have their own blockchain. Tokens in turn are created on top of an existing blockchain or other decentralised ledger. The most popular among such platforms is Ethereum.

Any profit gained from selling or trading cryptocurrencies is considered taxable income in Finland and many other countries. Profits can be counted based on the user’s cryptocurrency trading history. You can see your transaction history from the Wallet page in Coinmotion and it can also be downloaded as a separate file. This might come in handy when filing the necessary documents for tax authorities.

Every customer is responsible for their own tax declarations, as Coinmotion does not file taxes on behalf of their customers. You have to be aware of the laws in your country and take care of your tax duties accordingly.

Many countries still have unclear laws regarding cryptocurrency taxation, so we ask you to contact local authorities in case any questions arise.

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralised cryptocurrency – a payment method and system operating over data networks – controlled only by its users. Bitcoin is based on an open code and decentralised technology called blockchain, whereby it cannot be censored or controlled by any state, central bank or other party. Using Bitcoin requires no permission from anyone and no external party can interfere in users’ bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin can be traded for almost any service or goods and is used in more countries than for example dollars or euros.

You can read more on Bitcoin from our Beginners Guide.

Litecoin is one of the most established and used currencies among so called altcoins. Like its name suggests, Litecoin is “lighter” than Bitcoin and meant for smaller and faster transactions. Litecoin was created in 2011 and the underlying technology is very similar to that of Bitcoin. Litecoin is often used as a test platform for new changes implemented in Bitcoin.

Ethereum is called a second generation cryptocurrency, which next to payments also has other features.

Ethereum is an entire ecosystem, which can be described by the words platform and framework. Ethereum provides an environment in which anyone can create their own cryptocurrency or build dApp (decentralized App) solutions for smart contracts. Ethereum is by far the most known project of this platform category. Nowadays it already has several competitors, such as NEO, EOS and Cardano. Despite grown competition Ethereum remains a superior option for organizing ICO (Initial coin offering) projects.

You can acquaint yourself further with Ethereum on Coinmotion blog.

XRP is a virtual currency administered by the U.S.-based Ripple Labs. XRP intends to provide a more effective and cheaper version for traditional transactions and exchanges between banks.

The Ripple payment network is a network created for the use of payment providers, banks and other financial operators. Its ecosystem is meant to function as a platform whereby users can exchange anything with value for some other product with value.

You can read more about XRP here.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a cryptocurrency which was founded by forking it from Ripple (XRP). It is widely seen as the greatest competitor of Ripple. Stellar Lumens resembles more Ripple than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, which are based on mining. Stellar is run by a non-profit organisation Stellar Foundation. The currency has a yearly 1% inflation. As in Ripple, Stellar has very fast and low-cost transactions. It beats most popular cryptocurrencies in speed and cost with a wide margin.

You can read more about the cryptocurrency from our Stellar Lumens introduction article.

The first step in cryptocurrency investing is the same as with any other asset: study the asset carefully before making a decision. When you are familiar with the subject of your investment, you can avoid surprises, since you know what to expect from the price development and if the investment is handled and stored safely.

The safest way to start investing is Bitcoin, since it is the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrency instrument. Smaller altcoins also provide opportunities, and it is definitely worth studying them as well.


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