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Over 40,000,000 €
Exchanged through our services

Instant payments and bitcoin purchasesFast everything

From fast payments to instant trading and transfers, Coinmotion is built on the premise of speed from the ground up.

Best prices for buying and selling bitcoinCompetitive price

Our price is a real-time aggregate from several major exchanges with a 2 % commission.

Secure bitcoin walletSecure

Majority of our customer funds are kept in highly secure multisig storage, safe out of the reach of e-burglars. Our company has a 4-year experience in storing bitcoins safely.

Quick processing for SEPA transfers

Simple user interface

  • Easily send & receive bitcoin

  • Quick processing for SEPA transfers

  • Secure wallet for bitcoin storage

  • Possibility to make limit orders

Simple user interface

Cutting edge security

Secure cold storage

Advanced multisig storage

Large majority of our customer funds are stored in secure multisig storage to prevent theft or loss.

Highly secure

Thanks to multisig technology storing bitcoins has become highly secure.

High security wallet


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