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Coinmotion Private Banking is aimed at individuals and companies who want a more personal service related to buying, selling, storing or interest investing in cryptocurrencies.

Through our private banking service, we offer regular market insights and perspectives on news and events in the cryptocurrency industry. We search for information for the benefit of our customers from a variety of sources, and we work with many companies inside the cryptocurrency market.

What private banking can do for You

The Wildest and Mildest prices in the west


We offer our traders transparent and competitive pricing.

Our price is a real-time aggregate from several major exchanges with a 0.8-2% commission, depending on trading volume. Volume discounts starting from 500 € trading volume. Discount is based on 90 days trading volume.

Top Security with Reliability

Top Security
with Reliability


Security and reliability represent our most important core values.

The majority of our customer funds are kept in highly secure multisig storage, safe out of the reach of e-burglars. Our company has more than eight years of experience in storing bitcoins safely. 

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Our company expertise includes years of experience from the banking sector, investment services, compliance, accounting and wealth management.

For our customers who value individual service, we offer our Private Banking services, where the primary purpose is to add value to your investing and wealth management. In order to use the service, the minimum investment through the Coinmotion platform is 10,000 euros.

The Private Banking service itself is free for you.

The service is aimed at individuals and companies who want a more personal or personalized service for buying, selling, storing, investing in fixed income, or discussing market views.

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