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Technical Analyses

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Retains its Momentum Amid the Chaos

The technical analysis of week 11 evaluates the exceptional market environment with the help of technical indicators. In addition, we map the data of the derivatives market and the realized...

Read More22/03/2023

Technical Analysis: Is Bitcoin Decoupling from Other Asset Classes?

The technical analysis of week 10 looks at the dramatic market reversal during the last seven days and bitcoin’s technical indicators. In addition, we analyze the realized price and its...

Read More15/03/2023

Technical Analysis: Silvergate FUD Weighs on the Market

The technical analysis of week 9 maps uncertainties related to Silvergate Bank and their impact on the market. In addition, we delve into a set of technical and fundamental indicators,...

Read More08/03/2023

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Trying to Break the $25K Key Resistance Level

The technical analysis of week 8 goes through bitcoin’s technical indicators and key resistance levels. In addition, we examine the correlation of bitcoin with the stock market and gold. Furthermore,...

Read More01/03/2023

Technical Analysis: The 2019 Scenario Indicates Bitcoin Reaching $46K

The technical analysis of week 7 goes over the latest technical indicators and blockchain analysis. Additionally, we explore a model based on the 2019 cycle that suggests Bitcoin may rise...

Read More22/02/2023

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Resilient Amid the FUD Week

The technical analysis of week 6 assesses the impact of recent uncertainties on the market. In addition, we analyze the sustainability of the early 2023 upward momentum from technical and...

Read More15/02/2023

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin in a New Market Cycle

The technical analysis of week 5 dives into the crypto market from a technical point of view without forgetting other aspects. We’ll go through bitcoin’s golden cross and the transition...

Read More08/02/2023

Technical Analysis: The Calm Before The Storm

Week 4’s technical analysis reviews recent events in the crypto market, focusing on, but not limited to, technical indicators. Bitcoin has tended to form weekend rallies in January, and its...

Read More01/02/2023

Technical Analysis: Will The FOMO Rally Continue?

The technical analysis of week 3 evaluates the sustainability of the recent rally from a technical point of view. We also analyze bitcoin’s fair value and early-year performance compared to...

Read More25/01/2023

Technical Analysis: The Positive Momentum Continues

The technical analysis of week 2 maps the continuous positive momentum and feelings of euphoria in the market. Bitcoin’s spot price has risen above the realized price, and the market...

Read More17/01/2023

Technical Analysis: Asian Trading Hours Are Uplifting The Market

The technical analysis of week 1 breaks down into the nascent optimism and market correlations. In addition, we familiarize ourselves with Chaikin Money Flow and MVRV indicators, as well as...

Read More12/01/2023

Technical Analysis: Michael Saylor in Accumulation Mode Again

Technical analysis of week 52 evaluates bitcoin’s technical setting and the possibility of an early-year relief rally. In addition, we analyze MicroStrategy’s newest bitcoin purchases and UTXO age distribution data....

Read More04/01/2023

Technical Analysis: Volatility in a Radical Decline

The technical analysis of week 51 charts the latest outlook of the market for digital assets. We also get to know Alex Sunnarborg’s cycle model, bearish volatility, and the outlook...

Read More28/12/2022

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin’s Price Predictions for 2023

The technical analysis of week 50 breaks down into bitcoin’s critical support zone and realized price. In addition, we evaluate CPI, derivative exchanges, and, in the bigger picture, bitcoin’s price...

Read More22/12/2022

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin and Dow Theory

The technical analysis of week 49 assesses recent price developments and the potential approach to bitcoin’s cycle bottom. In addition, we dive into the Dow theory and its application to...

Read More14/12/2022