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Technical Analyses

Technical Analysis (Week 42/2021): Bitcoin’s Active Supply and UTXO

The technical analysis of week 42 explores Bitcoin’s active supply, related UTXO data, and how to use them to interpret markets. When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, he built a structure...

Read More24/10/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 41/2021): Uptober Continues, Bitcoin ETF Set to Launch Next Week

The technical analysis of week 41 construes the first Bitcoin ETF approval, sector rotation, and shifting market environment in general. ProShares Bitcoin ETF is here The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF...

Read More16/10/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 40/2021): Bitcoin Decouples from Stock Market

Bitcoin Decouples from Stock Market Indices Bitcoin’s quarter four (Q4) just launched with a bullish vibe, rising almost 15 percent during the first week of October. As argued before, quarter...

Read More09/10/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 39/2021): Uptober? S2F Indicating $100K Bitcoin

This week’s technical analysis interprets Plan B’s Stock to Flow projection for Q4 and beyond. $135K Bitcoin? As forecasted in last week’s technical analysis, bitcoin has a clear tendency to...

Read More03/10/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 38/2021): The Volatility Is Back

Technical analysis for week 38 interprets the recent market behaviour and escalating volatility. Approaching Quarter Four We’re quickly approaching the last quarter of the year as we shift to quarter...

Read More24/09/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 37/2021): Large OTC Deals Increasing

The technical analysis for week 37 focuses on large OTC deals and record low bitcoin exchange balances. Massive OTC Deals in Q3 The number of transferred native bitcoin units (BTC)...

Read More19/09/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 36/2021): Derivatives Market Liquidated, Outlook Remains Bullish

The technical analysis for week 36 focuses on recent market correction, hedge funds, and South Korean kimchi premium. Derivatives Market Liquidated The digital asset market experienced a correction this week...

Read More11/09/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 35/2021): Forecasting Market(s) with Puell Multiple

The TA for week 35 explores Puell Multiple under the surface and benchmarks the price performance of the most popular crypto assets. Puell Multiple Forecasts a Continuing Bull Market Puell...

Read More05/09/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 34/2021): Exchange Reserves Inversely Correlated with Spot Price

The technical analysis for week 34 interprets the decreasing exchange reserves and related investor activity. Exchange Bitcoin Reserves Decreasing Rapidly, Following The Market Uptrend On-chain data, like exchange reserves, is...

Read More28/08/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 32/2021): Gold, Bitcoin, and Golden Cross

The TA for week 32 benchmarks BTC against gold and forecasts an upcoming bitcoin “golden cross” situation. Bitcoin: From Death Cross to Golden Cross In mid-June, we warned about the...

Read More13/08/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 31/2021): Ethereum vs Bitcoin

The TA for week 31 benchmarks Ethereum vs Bitcoin, exploring scarcity, EIP-1559, Proof of Stake, and other attributes. ETH vs BTC: Correlated, Yet Fundamentally Different One of the most prominent...

Read More06/08/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 30/2021): Bitcoin’s Price Ascends Following a Massive Short Squeeze

The technical analysis for week 30 takes a deep dive into BTC’s unexpected price action and the recent bitcoin short squeeze. Sentiment Shifts from Bearish to Bullish: Bitcoin Short Squeeze...

Read More30/07/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 29/2021): Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops as Decentralization Grows

Technical analysis for week 29/2021 explores how the decreasing centralization and difficulty of bitcoin mining give new opportunities for new operators. Additionally, whale activity is increasing, putting it at the...

Read More23/07/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 28/2021): What is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) & How does it Impact Bitcoin Price

This week’s technical analysis dives into Grayscale and what it means for cryptocurrency markets and investors. Grayscale is the largest digital currency asset manager. Investors can buy and sell Grayscale...

Read More16/07/2021

Technical Analysis (Week 27/2021): Bitcoin’s Volatility is Decreasing

Technical analysis for week 27 looks at the decreasing volatility of bitcoin and contrasting high volatility of small-cap digital assets. Bitcoin’s Volatility Decreases While Small-Cap Tokens Remain Volatile Despite the...

Read More09/07/2021