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Technical Analysis (Week 19/2022): Bitcoin Shows Resilience Amid The Terra Capitulation

TA of week 19 explores the meltdown of Terra ecosystem and its multiplicative effects. Additionally we monitor how Bitcoin allocations increase the performance of a traditional portfolio. Market Survives The...

Read More16/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 18/2022): Can Bitcoin Decouple from Stock Market Correlation?

The TA of week 18 estimates the recent market correction and its consequences. Additionally we take a deep dive into a selection of technical and fundamental indicators. The Great Reset...

Read More10/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 17/2022): Has Bitcoin Entered a New Market Cycle?

The TA of week 17 explores recent market action, including technical and fundamental indicators. Additionally we evaluate a new market cycle model by Coinmotion Research. The market environment remains challenging...

Read More02/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 16/2022): Risk-Off, Are Bears Leading The Market?

Digital assets continued to slide down during 16th and early 17th week vis-à-vis stock market indices like S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite. Investors are currently de-risking their positions due to...

Read More25/04/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 15/2022): Bitcoin Approaching Crossroads, More Volatility Inbound

The TA of week 15 explores uncertain markets, supply chain concerns, and growing inflation. Additionally we study Bitcoin’s technical and fundamental metrics, as usual. Macro Environment Shrouded in Uncertainty After...

Read More18/04/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 14/2022): Cathie Wood Sees Bitcoin Exceeding $1 Million by 2030

The TA of week 14 explores recent market sentiment and Cathie Wood’s Bitcoin insights. We also assess a selection of technical and on-chain metrics. Additionally we take a deep dive...

Read More09/04/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 13/2022): Luna Foundation Guard Challenges MicroStrategy

The TA of week 13 focuses on recent technical and fundamental indicators. Additionally we explore how Luna Foundation Guard of Terra ecosystem is challenging MicroStrategy in the institutional Bitcoin game....

Read More01/04/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 12/2022): Can Bitcoin Break Through Key Resistance Level?

The TA of week twelve focuses on Bitcoin’s upward momentum as it tries to break through the $45-47K resistance level. Additionally we explore other technical & on-chain metrics, and see...

Read More27/03/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 11/2022): Relief Rally and Black Swan

The TA of week 11 focuses on recent spot price relief rally and correlating on-chain metrics. Additionally we explore how to hedge against emerging inflation and black swans. A Relief...

Read More20/03/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 10/2022): On-Chain Data Indicates Persistent Accumulation

The TA of week ten explores latest market action and on-chain data. Additionally we follow how cryptoassets continue their flow into crisis-ridden Ukraine. Bitcoin’s Spot Price Up 7% Since The...

Read More13/03/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 9/2022): Bitcoin Excels in Increasingly Difficult Macro Environment

The TA of week nine explores the recent market developments including Bitcoin’s price action, derivatives, conflict in Ukraine, and corralations. BTCUSD Hodls The Line The conflict in Ukraine has been...

Read More06/03/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 8/2022): Geopolitical Bitcoin

The TA of week eight dives into current geopolitical situation and how bitcoin is playing a part of it. Additionally we explore bitcoin drawdowns, stablecoin reserves, and other metrics. Geopolitics,...

Read More27/02/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 7/2022): Uncertainty in Markets as Macro Environment Remains Challenging

The TA of week seven explores the technical Directional Movement Index (DMI). Additionally we analyze challenging macro environment, UTXOs, and long term investor profitability. Markets stayed in relatively negative athmosphere...

Read More21/02/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 6/2022): Bitcoin Crosses 50DMA, Whales Seem to Frontrun Markets Again

The TA of week six observes bitcoin’s recent price action and technicals. Additionally we explore how LEO token is traded by whales, and what investment bank JPMorgan says about Bitcoin....

Read More11/02/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 5/2022): Is Bitcoin Decoupling from Stock Market?

The technical analysis of week five dives into bitcoin’s fresh upward momentum and its possible decoupling from stock market. Additionally we explore metrics like Coin Days Destroyed and Taker Buy...

Read More06/02/2022