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Technical Analysis (Week 31/2022): Autumn 2022 Crypto Market Scenarios

The TA of week 31 focuses on cautiously optimistic markets and the indexed price performance of cryptoassets. The markets are heavily anticipating Ethereum’s merge, but could it lead to a...

Read More07/08/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 30/2022): Could The Merge Divide Ethereum into ETH1 and ETH2?

The TA of week 30 focuses on Bitcoin’s promising price action and liquidity gap. Why institutional investors are waiting on the sidelines, ready to deploy capital? Could Ethereum’s merge event...

Read More01/08/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 29/2022): How to Trade Ethereum’s Upcoming Merge?

The TA of week 29 focuses on the market sentiment after the FOMC meeting. Additionally we explore the Ethereum’s merge trade and how it has potential to disrupt markets. Bitcoin’s...

Read More28/07/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 28/2022): Markets Entering Risk-On Mode Again

The TA of week 28 analyses the recent bullish price action and fresh risk-on sentiment. Additionally, we’ll explore the status of DXY and how different on-chain indicators point towards a...

Read More20/07/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 27/2022): Is Mt. Gox Releasing 137K Bitcoin Units Next Month?

The TA of week 27 focuses on bitcoin’s price action in relation to the dollar wrecking ball. Additionally, we explore how central bank policies are shifting and what kind of...

Read More13/07/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 26/2022): Deutsche Bank Sees Bitcoin Recovering to $28K Level

The TA of week 26 focuses on Deutsche Bank’s price target and possible technical patterns. Additionally, we explore the deleveraging market and why Bitcoin looks oversold. Deutsche Targets $28K Bitcoin,...

Read More05/07/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 25/2022): Has Bitcoin Finally Reached The Macro Bottom?

The TA of week 25 explores a selection of technical indicators, including cumulative delta and indexed price models. Additionally we study on-chain macro data and central bank policies. Point of...

Read More29/06/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 24/2022): Ceteris Paribus

The TA of week 24 takes a deep dive into recent market action, including Terra contagion, liquidations, and huge opportunities. Additionally we explore why multiple Bitcoin indicators are in the...

Read More20/06/2022

Technical analysis (Week 23/2022): The Great Reset

The crypto market was absolutely crushed at the turn of week 23 and 24, leading to Bitcoin falling more than 20 percent from $30K level into $23K level. The sell-off...

Read More14/06/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 22/2022): Could Bitcoin Reach $117K in The Next Halving Cycle?

The TA of week 22 focuses on the price predictions of Arthur Hayes and recent technical indicators. Additionally we take a deep dive into market cycle structures, halving-derived price estimates,...

Read More07/06/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 21/2022): JPMorgan Sees 28% Upside for Bitcoin

The TA of week 21 scans JPMorgan’s views on Bitcoin as a preferred alternative investment. Additionally we explore Puell Multiple and other technical & fundamental indicators. JPMorgan Prefers Bitcoin as...

Read More27/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 20/2022): Exploring Price Projections

The TA of week 20 explores Bitcoin’s recent bearish price action and eight weekly red candles. Additionally we examine price projections, MVRV, and other metrics. Bitcoin Has Printed Eight Consecutive...

Read More23/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 19/2022): Bitcoin Shows Resilience Amid The Terra Capitulation

TA of week 19 explores the meltdown of Terra ecosystem and its multiplicative effects. Additionally we monitor how Bitcoin allocations increase the performance of a traditional portfolio. Market Survives The...

Read More16/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 18/2022): Can Bitcoin Decouple from Stock Market Correlation?

The TA of week 18 estimates the recent market correction and its consequences. Additionally we take a deep dive into a selection of technical and fundamental indicators. The Great Reset...

Read More10/05/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 17/2022): Has Bitcoin Entered a New Market Cycle?

The TA of week 17 explores recent market action, including technical and fundamental indicators. Additionally we evaluate a new market cycle model by Coinmotion Research. The market environment remains challenging...

Read More02/05/2022