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In our Quarterly Reports we review the most significant developments in the industry and markets.

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Technical Analyses

Technical Analysis: Oversold Bitcoin

The technical analysis of week 47 delves into recent technical indicators and blockchain data. We take a closer look at Chaikin Money Flow metric and why it indicates capitulation. In...

Read More30/11/2022

Technical Analysis: Capitulation and Market Bottom?

The technical analysis of week 46 breaks down Gareth Soloway’s market insights and the latest technical indicators. We also evaluate UTXO data, short positions, and Fed’s upcoming FOMC meeting. Gareth...

Read More22/11/2022

Technical Analysis: The Black Swan

The technical analysis of week 45 focuses on FTX’s unfortunate meltdown saga and its multiplicative effects. Additionally, we take a deep dive into technical indicators, exchange stats, and blockchain data....

Read More16/11/2022

Technical Analysis: A Speculative Attack on FTX Exchange

The technical analysis of week 44 explores the extraordinary market conditions, including speculative attack towards FTX and the consequent black swan scenario. Additionally, we assess a selection of technical and...

Read More09/11/2022

Technical Analysis: Is Altseason a Possibility?

The technical analysis of week 43 explores recent market optimism and the surge of “meme coins.” Additionally, we dive into multiple relevant technical and fundamental indicators, including Coinbase Premium Index...

Read More02/11/2022

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Approaches a New Pool of Liquidity at $20K

The Technical Analysis of week 42 evaluates bitcoin’s recent positive momentum and technical indicators. Additionally, we explore realized and delta caps and see why miners might have capitulated already. Bitcoin...

Read More26/10/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 41/2022): Uptober or Sidetober?

The TA of week 41 focuses on multiple technical indicators, including the bullish divergence of bitcoin’s relative strength index (RSI) and spot price. Additionally, we interpret bitcoin’s market cycles and...

Read More19/10/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 40/2022): Is The Bitcoin Market Oversold?

The Technical analysis of week 40 explores bitcoin’s bearish technical signals, including Bollinger bands, price compression, confluence zone, and upper resistance. Additionally, we analyze BitMEX’s “omega wick” and how bitcoin...

Read More12/10/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 39/2022): Bitcoin Holds The $19K Confluence Level, Reaches Towards Bear Rally

The TA of week 39 focuses on technical indicators, including Bollinger bands and spot price compression. Additionally, we explore the possibility of a short squeeze and the Fed’s pivot. Continuing...

Read More04/10/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 38/2022): Is Bitcoin Decoupling from The Stock Market?

The technical analysis of week 38 explores bitcoin’s resilience amid the equity market sell-off. Additionally, we examine a selection of on-chain metrics and ponder if it’s possible to successfully trade...

Read More28/09/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 37/2022): Continued Macro Winter

The TA of week 37 focuses on the macro environment and how Bitcoin is deep in the accumulation zone. Additionally, we explore the factors behind the bearish sentiment and why...

Read More21/09/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 36/2022): Diving into a High Volatility Cycle

The TA of week 36 explores the recent macro environment, central bank policies, and latest technical indicators. Additionally, we examine Ethereum’s quickly approaching Merge as well as the relationship between...

Read More14/09/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 35/2022): Markets Approaching Point of Capitulation

The TA of week 35 explores bitcoin’s price action in relation to 1y-2y realized price. Additionally, we examine market cycle models and find out how low the price could potentially...

Read More07/09/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 34/2022): CVDD Indicates a $15K Market Bottom

The TA of week 34 explores the latest technical indicators, including bitcoin’s confluence zone. Additionally, we take a deep dive into potential market bottom cues. Technical Double Top and Double...

Read More31/08/2022

Technical Analysis (Week 33/2022): Hedge Funds Bearish on Bitcoin, Asset Managers Bullish

The TA of week 33 explores the huge liquidation event of August 19th and recent price scenarios. Additionally, we assess the sentiment of hedge funds and asset managers towards Bitcoin....

Read More24/08/2022