Coinmotion's Growth in 2021

Last year, 2021, was the biggest for Coinmotion so far. Scroll below to see the key highlights that sparked our growth.

Coinmotion's Growth in 2021

2021 was Coinmotion’s biggest year so far. Scroll below to see the key highlights that sparked our growth.

At the end of 2020, the cryptocurrency market reached an inflection point in mainstream adoption that ignited our growth throughout 2021. Internally, our team also developed new services, added new assets, improved the user experience, and developed more services for our Coinmotion Wealth clients. This resulted in our clients staying with us for longer, trading more, and ultimately getting more value from Coinmotion. These are some of our highlights from 2021.

We launched four new altcoins. Now our clients can trade:


We added three new payment methods. Now our clients can buy crypto with:

Paytrail logo
Bank Transfer
Klarna logo
Visa logo

We launched an OTC trading desk. Our Coinmotion Wealth clients can buy up to 400 different altcoins that are not listed on our trading platform.

We launched a new crypto debit card and a premium interest account.

Our growth in numbers

Mobile app downloads increased by 608%

Registered users grew by 110%

Trading volume grew by 404%

Number of trades grew by 354%

Revenue grew by 458%

Our team grew by 46%

Coinmotion is your key financial partner in the decentralized economy

Coinmotion is secure, compliant, and regulated by the FIN-FSA. We offer a broad range of services for retail investors, high net-worth individuals, trusts, and family offices.


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