Services for companies


Let’s make cryptocurrencies mainstream together! We offer various options of collaboration for individuals, companies and organizations, with whom we can make investing into cryptocurrencies as well as using cryptos on a daily basis more easy and convenient to investors and consumers. What kind of collaboration could we have with you?


From this page you’ll find all the services we offer for companies. In case you’d like to start investing into cryptocurrencies or star a collaboration with us in some other way, you can start by creating yourself a free Coinmotion account from here. 

Become a Coinmotion Agent

Take the opportunity to collaborate with us and get significant rewards by inviting your customers to Coinmotion. Use the provided tools for communication.

Referral reward

Collect referral rewards by recommending Coinmotion in social media, your website, or your blog with the help of our WordPress plugin

Merchant services

Use the merchant services provided by Coinmotion and Coinpayments on your web store to enable cryptocurrency payments, and withdraw the payments directly to your bank account in euros.

Coinmotion API

Link your Coinmotion account to other services to better follow your investments, or to add crypto payments to your web store.

Partnerships and white label -solutions

Integrate cryptocurrency services to your organization by taking advantage of Coinmotion’s technology and knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry.