Cryptocurrency and euro transfers

Majority of the cryptocurrency and euro transfers are completely free to our customers. You can make all kinds of transfers, even pay invoices through our platform.

Wide selection of payment methods

We want our platform to be accessible to as many people as possible, for which we offer a diverse selection of payment methods. These are:

  • SEPA Bank Transfers: bank transfers are free and can be pre-approved so that you may buy cryptocurrencies instantly without the delays of international bank transfers
  • Credit- and debit cards: an easy, straightforward and secure option to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies instantly. Card payments include a 4% fee.
  • SOFORT Banking: an instant online payment method available in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. Works with most consumer banks from these countries.
  • Online banking and S-pankki: instant and free payment methods available for customers with Finnish bank accounts

Cryptocurrency wallet and transfers

Upon creating an account to Coinmotion you automatically create yourself receiving cryptocurrency wallets for each cryptocurrency our platform offers: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP. You can receive cryptocurrency transfers to these wallets from any service provider or individual, and create an unlimited number of new addresses for each wallet.

You can also send cryptocurrencies inside Coinmotion and out from the platform. We don’t charge anything from crypto transfers. However, each crypto transfer away from the platform includes a transfer fee, which is essential to cryptocurrency transfers.

Free transfers between Coinmotion’s users

It’s possible to send cryptocurrencies instantly and without any transfer fees from one Coinmotion user to another with only the receiver’s email address. All you must know is the email address the receiver has used to create their Coinmotion account with. You can also send euros from one user to another in real time, free-of-charge.

Pay invoices

You can pay invoices with the funds you already have in the platform to every bank and company inside the European economic zone. The service of paying invoices works in a very similar way to any other payment service provided by most of the banks. The invoices are paid with euros, which means you must have sufficient euro funds in your Coinmotion account. You can pay invoices with the receiver’s IBAN account number, name, due date, and reference number or -message. Read more about this service from our blog.