Transfer fiat currency and cryptocurrency safely and securely


Deposit, withdraw, pay invoices, and send funds to your contacts

Topping up and withdrawing funds from your crypto account has never been easier. Instantly deposit from your European bank account or credit card to your account on Coinmotion, a licensed Nordic crypto platform. Send funds back to your bank, your Coinmotion card, your friends, or pay invoices directly.

Create a Coinmotion account:

A selection of fiat deposit methods

We want our platform to be accessible to as many people as possible, for which we offer a selection of secure deposit methods. Use each of them for transfer of a minimum of 10 EUR:

  • Credit- and debit cards: a straightforward option to instantly deposit and buy cryptocurrencies. Card payments include a 1,2% fee.
  • Instant top-ups via Klarna Online Banking: transfer fiat currency from your bank account in an instant with a 0% fee.
  • SOFORT Banking: an instant online payment method available in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Poland. Works with most consumer banks from these countries. Includes a 2% fee.
  • SEPA Bank Transfers: wire transfers are free but take at least one business day to go through. Suitable for transfers without any upper limit from/to an individual or a company account. You have the option to get your transfer pre-approved for a fee of 5 EUR. This allows you to buy crypto without a big delay.
  • Online banking via Paytrail: instant and free payment method available for customers with Finnish bank accounts. Deposit up to 100,000 EUR.

Cryptocurrency wallet and transfers

Once you have verified your Coinmotion account, you automatically get cryptocurrency wallets for each cryptocurrency our platform offers: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, UNI, LINK, AAVE, and USDC. Receive cryptocurrency transfers to these wallets from any service provider or person.

You can also send cryptocurrencies out from the platform. Note that such transfers include a transfer fee that cryptocurrency networks charge.

Free transfers between Coinmotion’s users

Send cryptocurrencies or euros instantly and without fees from one Coinmotion user to another with only the receiver’s email. All you need is the receiver’s email address associated with their Coinmotion account.

Top up your Coinmotion card

Use the euros from your Coinmotion account instantly with the Coinmotion prepaid debit Mastercard® card. Move euros from your Coinmotion wallet to the card immediately and spend them at 30 million locations worldwide.

Pay invoices

Pay invoices with the funds you already have in the platform to every bank and company inside the European Economic Area. Pay the bills like you would in your everyday bank.