Private Crypto services
anyone can use


Easy to use, with powerful trading and payment features

At Coinmotion, our mission is to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible for anyone, regardless of knowledge and experience. We firmly believe that cryptocurrencies will become a part of everyday life. We design our services and products to best support you.

Credit account

Use your crypto as collateral and borrow euros wherever you are, whenever you want.

Coinmotion Wealth

Personalized services for cryptocurrency investing. Please take advantage of our knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry, investing, taxation, and more.

Monthly saving

Monthly saving is an easy and effortless way to diversify your investments into cryptocurrencies and speed up accumulating your holdings in cryptos.

OTC trading desk

The Coinmotion OTC Trading Desk offers you high-end trading support to fill larger trades. Clients can speak directly with our traders and agree on the trade details


Security of our services is one of our top priorities. Because cryptocurrency transfers are fast and irreversible, we want to offer our customers one more way to keep themselves safe.

Interest account

With the interest account service, you can put your cryptocurrencies to work and earn daily compound interest on your funds.