Services for private investors


Coinmotion offers a wide selection of services to private investors. You can buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies in our platform and start investing with only 10 euros. In addition, you can make yourself a monthly savings plan, an interest account, or even pay bills through our platform, just to name a few of our services.

For those customers who are looking for more personalized services for bigger investments, we offer private banking services.

From this page you’ll find all our services for private investors. Start investing by creating a free Coinmotion account from here.

Buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies

Trade with cryptocurrencies in real time and store your funds far away from cyber criminals.

Interest account

Deposit cryptos to an interest account to accumulate interests.


We offer the Vault service for those looking for extra-security.

Referral rewards

Gain significant amount of money by referring your friends to Coinmotion. The people invited will benefit with discounted commission fees.

Cryptocurrency and euro transfers

Majority of the cryptocurrency- and euro transfers are completely free to our customers. You can even pay invoices through our platform.

Monthly saving

Make yourself a monthly savings plan to spread your crypto investments.

Become a Coinmotion Ambassador

Join the insiders and help us make cyrptocurrencies mainstream!

Private Banking Services

Personalized services for cryptocurrency investing. Invest to bitcoin and a wide selections of altcoins.