Monthly saving

Start a monthly savings plan with a discounted 1% trading fee

Monthly saving is an easy and effortless way to diversify your investments into cryptocurrencies and speed up the accumulation of your holdings in cryptocurrencies. With monthly saving, you can choose the amount to be repeatedly deposited each month into crypto and its distribution into different cryptocurrencies. Minimum sum for the monthly saving service is 10€/month.

Creating a monthly savings plan or making changes to an already existing plan does not cost anything. The only expense arises from the trading expense for monthly purchases, which is now permanently reduced to 1 percent regardless of the cryptocurrency or the current expense of your personal Coinmotion account. Savings can be safely stored in Coinmotion, so you can also easily track the development of the value of your investments.

The transaction will take place on the day you have chosen, if there are enough euros in your account. We recommend that you make a continuous bank transfer to your bank account to your Coinmotion coinmotion 1-2 days in advance to ensure that you have funds on your account for your monthly saving transactions.

Decrease in risks and fees

The prices of cryptocurrencies in the market fluctuate and finding the right time for investing can be challenging. With monthly saving you don’t end up buying crypto at the most expensive prices, as when you’re spreading purchases over a longer time-frame, you make your investment at the average price over time. By diversifying your cryptocurrency purchases over time, you also diversify your risk.

By saving into cryptocurrencies every month, you are also constantly increasing your trading volume. As your volume increases, the trading cost of your Coinmotion account decreases according to the current discount table, which you can view under Account Preferences – Volume Discounts.

You can read more about monthly saving in our blog. For instructions on how to create yourself a mothly saving plan, as well as tips on how to use Coinmotion in general, please visit our Help Center.