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Grow your portfolio with recurring buys

Speed up the accumulation of your holdings in cryptocurrencies easily and effortlessly. Set up automatic recurring buys and use the power of dollar-cost averaging. Buy one cryptocurrency or a few starting from 10 euros. Set up in less than five minutes.

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Instant & simple top-ups

Top up your Coinmotion account to start recurring buys. Transfer funds instantly from your bank or credit card.

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No more worrying about the prices

Start buying cryptocurrencies regularly and stop worrying about when the right moment is.

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Start from 10 euros

You can invest in crypto with a minimum of 10 euros. Choose if you want to spend it all on one coin or a selection of cryptos available on Coinmotion.


Set up Monthly saving

Choose which cryptos you want to invest in, pick the day of the month when you want the buy to happen, decide how much to invest, and watch your portfolio grow.

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Your funds are safe

Customer funds are held in highly secure multi-signature storage, out of the reach of e-burglars. Coinmotion is one of the few regulated entities in Europe with a Payment Institution license and a Virtual Currency Service Provider status, granted by the FIN-FSA.

Set up Monthly Saving in
five steps


Launch Coinmotion in your browser or as a mobile app and log in.

  1. In the browser: navigate to Services > Savings > Monthly saving. Or in the mobile app: navigate to Savings > Monthly saving.
  2. Choose the sum you want to invest monthly.
  3. Select the saving day — choose between every 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 28th day of the month.
  4. Choose at least one crypto you want to invest in monthly.
  5. Choose what % of the sum should go towards this coin. For example, you choose Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you set that 60% of the sum goes into BTC, and the remaining 40% goes into ETH.

So what is monthly saving?

Monthly saving is an easy and effortless way to diversify your investments into cryptocurrencies. You can choose the amount to be repeatedly deposited each month and its distribution into different cryptocurrencies. The minimum sum for the monthly saving service is 10€/month.

Creating a monthly savings plan or making changes to it does not cost anything. The only expense arises from the trading expense for monthly purchases, which is reduced to 1%. The fee remains the same regardless of the cryptocurrency or the trading volume of your Coinmotion account.

The transaction will take place on the day you have chosen if there are enough euros in your account. We recommend that you make a continuous bank transfer to your bank account to your Coinmotion account one or two days in advance to ensure that you have funds on your account for your monthly saving transactions. You can also use an instant top-up method the day before.

Store the savings in Coinmotion safely and track the development of the value of your investments.

What is dollar-cost averaging (DCA)?

The prices of cryptocurrencies in the market fluctuate, and finding the right time for investing is challenging. Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy that implies that one splits the total sum they want to invest into periodic buys of the asset they are interested in.

The goal is to make the volatility’s impact on the value of the investment smaller, as the buys take place regardless of the price. With monthly saving, when you’re spreading purchases over a longer time frame, you make your investment at the average price over time. By diversifying your cryptocurrency purchases over time, you also diversify your risk.

Why use recurring buys?

Historically, diversification of investments over time has been an efficient and considerably easier way to invest in the cryptocurrency market. It is less risky to invest on a longer horizon and distribute investments over time. Less active trading exposes you to larger exchange rates peaks and falls but saves your time as well as trading costs.

The choice between an active or passive investment strategy depends very much on the investor’s own situation, time resource, repertoire of tools, and risk tolerance. It is also possible to pursue both strategies at the same time and to make a comparison of which tactics will lead to a better outcome.

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