Buy, sell and store

Trading in real time and secure storing

Trade with cryptocurrencies in real time and store your funds far away from cyber criminals. We offer the Vault service for those looking for extra-security.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

In Coinmotion you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in real time anywhere, any time.

Our platform currently supports the following cryptocurrencies with which you may trade: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and Stellar Lumens. You can execute orders in real time with the current market price, use the limit order, or choose to make a stop order.

With limit order you can establish a price in euros with which you want to buy or sell the selected cryptocurrency. Stop order offers a way to protect yourself from steep falls in the market, or alternatively an opportunity to hop into the bull market of some underestimated crypto.

Safe storing of cryptocurrencies

We take every measure to ensure our customers a secure storage place for their funds. The majority of our customer funds are stored in extremely safe offline multisig-wallets, far away from the claws of cyber criminals. This means that no single person can alone transfer the funds, as it always requires a digital signature by several parties. Thanks to our high-end technology and efficient security processes we’re able to secure customer funds, and with the help of our professional staff we guide our customers to take care of the information security of their personal accounts.

Coinmotion Oy is the first company in Europe to get the payment institution license and registration as a virtual currency service provider. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has granted this license and registration to the company after various auditions and security controls.