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We have partnered with the Finnish cryptocurrency investment company, Tesseract Investment, to offer a cryptocurrency interest account feature integrated in the Coinmotion platform. This co-operation enables Coinmotion users to accumulate interest on their cryptocurrency savings.

“Cryptocurrency lending markets have been developing rapidly during past two years, and with selected partners and development we want to offer possibility to earn interest on the cryptocurrencies that are otherwise under passive ownership or HODLing. It’s dependent of course on the client risk preferences, if earning interest and bearing the counterparty risk is a suitable choice”, says CEO of Prasos Heidi Hurskainen

The Interest account will expand the already supported saving features. You are now able to deposit cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrency lending markets easily via the Coinmotion platform. All the available cryptocurrencies in Coinmotion, with the exception of Stellar Lumens (XLM), are supported in the Interest Account feature. With the feature you can deposit cryptocurrencies to an interest account to earn interest on your holdings. You earn daily interest until you request a withdrawal from the interest account. The interest will be paid upon a completed withdrawal.

“We have seen tremendous amount of growth in cryptocurrency lending market internationally and it is fantastic to add Finland’s market leader Coinmotion to our growing roster of partners” adds Yichen Wu, CEO of Tesseract Investment.

Start earning interest on investments by making a deposit to your interest account

Using the service starts by heading to the Transfers page. You need to transfer funds from your basic Coinmotion account to your interest account to start earning interest. So if you transfer 0.1. bitcoin from your Coinmotion account to the interest account, the amount won’t show on your normal account balance, but you can see it on the interest page. To start using the interest account you need to accept separate terms of service from both Coinmotion and Tesseract Investment.

You have to accept terms and conditions before using the service. Please read these well.

Interest rates updated in real-time on the Interest Account page

You can find the interest accounts page from the menu opening by heading to Savings. From there you will find a new tab; Interest Account. On the page you can see the current offered interest rates for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. You will also see real-time updates of your interest account balances and accrued interests. The paid rates on the offered cryptocurrencies will vary, as the volatility is similar to the cryptocurrency prices. The interest is based on the rate which lenders are willing to pay, which can change quickly. There is a lot of volatility in the annualized rates. You can see the live rates on the service. savings-page

On the interest account page you can see your current balances and accrued interests, which are updated in real time.

Withdrawals within 30 days

There is always some delay when you withdraw funds from the interest account. The delay is determined by the duration of the used loan which can vary from a few days up to 30 days. You can submit a withdrawal request whenever you like, and the funds will be transferred to your Coinmotion wallet after the latest loan ends.

Key features of the service

  • You can always see the live interest rates by heading to Savings and from there to Interest account tab 
  • Select any cryptocurrency available and the amount you want to deposit
  • The live balance in the interest account is shown on the interest account page
  • You can see accrued interest per cryptocurrency in real-time
  • You can withdraw funds from the interest account back to the Coinmotion wallet within 30 days

How does cryptocurrency lending function?

Investors lend cryptocurrencies to use leverage in their investments and are willing to pay interest for these loans. When you lend money in the market you give up the ownership of it for the loan period and get interest in return. In Coinmotion the cryptocurrencies are loaned via our partner Tesseract to selected cryptocurrency marketplaces. These loans are typically very short-lasting and counted in days. Tesseract makes new loan contracts with the customer funds until the customer wants to withdraw funds from the interest account. The loaned cryptocurrencies and the accrued interests return to the customer’s Coinmotion wallet after the latest loan has expired.

Risks of loaning cryptocurrencies

There are some risks involved in loaning cryptocurrencies. The main risk is that the lender is incapable of paying the loan back on the due date. Another risk is that the used lending platform or cryptocurrency marketplace crashes for one reason or another. In these cases it is possible that the borrower loses a part of loaned funds or all of them. Cryptocurrency markets aren’t regulated similarly as traditional financial markets where controlling the counterparty risk is typically outsourced to a third party. Please consider these risks before using the service and read carefully the terms and conditions. If you have any further questions, our customer service is ready to help you.

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