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Instant payments and bitcoin purchasesInstant everything

From instant payments to instant trading and transfers, Coinmotion is built on the premise of speed from the ground up.

Best prices for buying and selling bitcoinBest price

Our price is a real-time aggregate from several exchanges with a 2 % commission.

Secure bitcoin walletSecure

Customer funds are kept offline in cold storage, safe out of the reach of e-burglars. Our paper backups are stored in bank safety deposit boxes.

Instant payments in 11 countries

  • ArcticStartup
  • BoostVC

Simple user interface

  • Easily send & receive bitcoin

  • Buy instantly in 11 countries

  • Create wallets to track finances

  • Evolving merchant tools

Simple user interface

Cutting edge security

Secure cold storage

The coldest storage

Up to 95% of customer funds are stored offline in bank vaults to prevent theft or loss. Learn more...

Master security

Is it silly to store our private keys in bank vaults? We don't think so. Learn more...

High security wallet


If you're in Europe and interested in bitcoin, use Coinmotion. They have an awesome team and a service my mom could use, and it's instant.
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Adam Draper

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