Cryptocurrency lending market in spotlight, interview with the CEO of Tesseract Yichen Wu

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The cryptocurrency lending market is a relatively new phenomenon that only started in the second half of the last decade. There is only one cryptocurrency loan brokerage company in Finland, Tesseract in Helsinki. Coinmotion and Tesseract have been collaborating since 2019, and this collaboration enables Coinmotion’s interest account service. I interviewed founder of Tesseract, CEO Yichen Wu, who has as long experience in the industry as possible.

Tesseract dates back to the same time as cryptocurrency lending market was born, so they are real veterans in the industry. The lending market is still small despite strong growth in the recent years.

The cryptocurrency lending market is a new industry and still quite small compared to the amounts circulating in the traditional economy. However, growth over the past year has been explosive and the need for cryptocurrency-related loan services is clearly sufficient.

I made the interview with Yichen at Taaler’s office in Helsinki on February 3, 2021. Taaleri was a natural selection for a location as Taaleri is one of Tesseract’s most important investors. I also interviewed Jorma Alanne, Managing Director of Taaleri, to share his views on the cryptocurrency loan market and the potential he sees in it.

Registration for the Premium Interest Account is on

Premium Interest Account is a promotional product where we offer fixed term, and fixed interest income investments to our clients once a quarter. This round is open for investments on 2.2 – 24.2.2022. We reserve the right to suspend the acceptance of new investments if the supply significantly exceeds the demand of our partner Tesseract.

We offer a six (6) month investment period at a fixed interest rate. We have added a new cryptocurrency to this Premium Interest Account round; USDC stablecoin (USDC). FInd more information below:

Basic information about the service:

Registration time: 3.2.2021 – 24.2.2021

Contract period: 2.3.2021 – 2.9.2021

Contract duration: 6 months

Interest rates and minimum deposit amounts:

Bitcoin 3.75% p.a min. investment 0.5 BTC

Ether 3.75% p.a min. investment 15.0 ETH

USDC 5.0% p.a min. investment 20,000 USDC

USDC 5.7% p.a min. investment 100,000 USDC

Investments can also be made in euros, in which case Coinmotion handles the exchange for the desired cryptocurrency.

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