Fenergo FinTalks with Coinmotion Interim CEO Pasi Matilainen | Navigating Crypto Regulation


This Fenergo FinTalks episode between Dhanum Nursigadoo and Pasi Matilainen delves into the intriguing intersection of compliance and crypto under the lens of escalating regulations. The episode also examines many other topics, such as the supremacy of bitcoin in 2023.

In an engaging discussion, Pasi Matilainen enlightens his journey from an Austrian economics background, ultimately leading him to be the Interim CEO at Coinmotion. The pair also discusses the evolution of Coinmotion from physical coins that acted as hardware wallets to online systems.

Pasi explains the timeless nature of Bitcoin, firmly asserting that its impenetrable code sets it apart from gold, making counterfeiting an impossibility.

“Bitcoin is already a better option for the future of money than gold ever was. It’s essentially digital gold, yes, but better.”

– Pasi Matilainen

The episode also explores the prospect of blockchain becoming the bedrock of future finance, offering an equitable playing field for all participants, and transcending boundaries of ethnicity, race, and cultural background.

Listen to the full episode here

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