Henry Brades presentation about the future of money in Helsinki Blockchain Summit


Henry Brade theFounder of the company behind Coinmotion, Prasos, gave a presentation about the future of money in Helsinki Blockchain Summit late last year. Recording of the presentation can now be seen online.

The development of technology shapes society with an accelerating pace in every possible field. Blockchain technology and virtual currencies may play a big role in the future of the economy and money. These technologies are still young as they have been around only for ten years, but are already playing a significant role in economy. It is most likely that their role will grow bigger in the years to come.

Henry Brade is one of the pioneers of the bitcoin economy. He has been building the first bitcoin services in Europe, Bittiraha.fi and currently the Finlands biggest bitcoin ATM network Bittimaatti. In his presentation he shares his visions about the future of money and the role of virtual currencies as a part of it.

Future Money according to Henry Brade

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