Introducing team Prasos – Community Manager Pessi Peura


Summer has started the slow transformation into autumn, as the weather seems to be colder and along comes shorter days and rains. But to people who love outdoors and nature, every period of the year gives something new to discover and enjoy. This time we give you insight to a man whose life is filled with hobbies related to the nature, our Community Manager Pessi Peura.

Determination and experience – keys to success

Pessi runs service and takes care of our marketing efforts. He is a skilled writer who has been building several news medias and has published hundreds of articles. Pessi loves exploring new hot topics from the world of cryptocurrencies and writing insights about the development of the field. His favorite form of art is to take complex subject and break it into pieces so it becomes easy to understand for readers with any kind of background.

Long history as an entrepreneur shows strongly in Pessi’s character. He definitely is not afraid of making decisions by himself and jumps into new things with great excitement and shows that the attitude decides when it matters. His first own company was founded in 2010 and that was also the place where he got his first touch to cryptos. A regular customer (a professor of physics) at Pessi’s smoothie restaurant introduced bitcoin to him and a year after, he found himself buying the first bitcoins from this very same customer. 

Pessi seems to find a way through obstacles, whether it’s a cliff or a work task.

Fuelled by nature

As said earlier, Pessi loves to be in the outdoors and takes the most out of it with his curious nature. Searching new bouldering places, collecting herbs or relaxing while fishing are something that gives him energy and power to go on with his very active lifestyle. And by the way, a good example of his versatile abilities is, that he has also been an actor. In a movie called Tom of Finland, Pessi acts as a soldier and therefore his actor profile can be found from IMDB!

Pessi feels that it is an honour to be part of the team Prasos that is full of creative power and wants to innovate new constantly. He is certain that everyone interested in cryptos will get help and his advice is to stay calm even when the market situation changes heavily and with speed. He suggest to look for the longer period investments, as then the short term lows don’t really matter, especially if the cryptocurrencies start to go mainstream. 

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