Bitcoin cash payments to Coinmotion customers have been executed


We have executed bitcoin cash payments to our customers on January 17th. We converted bitcoin cash customer funds to bitcoin and made the payments in bitcoin. If you had bitcoin in Coinmotion during the hard fork you have now received funds to your Coinmotion account. We decided to simply convert the bitcoin cash to bitcoin to speed up the payment process. If you want to convert the funds back to bitcoin cash you can do it in many cryptocurrency exchanges.

We processed the conversion 16th of January 2018 with exhange rate 0,16428 BCH/BTC. We took 1 percent service fee from the conversion and payment. That means each user who had BTC at Coinmotion during the fork date (1.8.2017) received 0,16264 BTC for each BCH.

With bitcoin gold we are going to proceed similarly. All of you who had bitcoin in Coinmotion during the bitcoin gold hard fork will receive bitcoins to your account later this spring. We will inform you when we have done the conversion and payments.

We are not currently planning to support future hard forks. Most forked chains gain only little value and interest. Supporting hard forks causes lots of extra work which disturbs our efforts to improve our services. If you want to get coins from some upcoming hard fork you can always transfer bitcoin to your own wallet through which you can gain access to fork coins.

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