Bitcoin future predictions Facebook live session with Prasos CEO Henry Brade


Bitcoin value has increased over 300 percent during 2017. In August the rise has been continuing despite the fact that there was a fork in the network that led to the creation of the altcoin Bcash. Many experts believe that the growth of value can continue through the end of the year.

We get lots of questions about our expectations for the future of bitcoin. To present our thoughts we are having a Facebook live session in Coinmotion Facebook channel. In the session our CEO Henry Brade will be answering live questions and sharing his expectations about the future of bitcoin.

Follow our Facebook page to get the broadcast to your feed.

In the live session we’ll discuss what are we expecting to see happening in bitcoin community during the following years. We present ideas on investing in bitcoin, reducing risks with the price fluctuation and safe long term storage of bitcoins.

If you have questions in mind that you would like to get answered please write your comments to our Facebook page or comment on this blog post. You can ask anything from investment recommendations to technical development of bitcoin network. If you like to know our plans in reference to the development of our services, we’ll give you some insights as well. We’ll be answering as many questions as we can so you have very good chance of being answered.

Put a note to your calendar for Coinmotion Facebook live on Tuesday 29th of August 5pm Eastern European Time.

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