How to buy bitcoins using Coinmotion — @coinmotion

Buying bitcoin is a scary and complicated process for a lot of people. We’ve tried to make this process a lot easier at Coinmotion. In this blog post we guide you step-by-step to buying bitcoin in a few minutes.

  1. Register a Coinmotion account. Link.

2. Confirm the registration via the link received by email.

3. You can now sign in. Go take a look at your account! It looks like this.

4. You still need to verify your identity in order to send bitcoin out of Coinmotion. You can buy bitcoins immediately after registration, but identity verification is required when initiating any out going transactions. To verify your identity go to My Details -> Verification. Click on International users and then upload a copy of a valid passport or other government issued ID. We cannot verify all types of ID, so we highly recommend using a passport for this. The verification process takes anything from a few hours to a few days. With a passport it shouldn’t take longer then a few hours.

5. Next you should link a bank account to your Coinmotion account. You need to do this to make Euro withdrawals from your Coinmotion account. Go to My Details -> Bank Account and enter your banking details. Once this done click the Change button.

6. You are now ready to buy some bitcoin! First you need to make a deposit. Go to Bank -> Deposit. For international users there are two payment methods available.

  1. SEPA (usually takes 1 business day)
  2. 2. SOFORT (Instant)

Choose the preferred payment method and click Make Payment. If you picked the SEPA payment method you will be shown the payment details. With the payment details you can make a SEPA transfer to credit your Coinmotion account. If you picked SOFORT, you will be redirected to the SOFORT payment page and once the payment process has been completed your Coinmotion account will be credited.

7. Now that you have money on your account you can buy some bitcoin. Go to the Buy page. Enter the amount you wish to purchase or click on Max to buy the maximum amount with your Euro balance. If you get a message saying you balance is insufficient, click Max again to update the bitcoin price and click Buy.

8. Congratulations! You have bought some bitcoin. From the Send page you can send bitcoin to other bitcoin addresses. On the Receive page you can view your bitcoin addresses and generate new ones. All bitcoins sent to these addresses will be credited to your Coinmotion account. At Account -> Transactions you can view your entire transaction history.

Additionally if you ever need assistance Coinmotion’s support team is only a message away.

Try it out!

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