Store BTC Safely & Securely on Coinmotion: Bitcoin Security Built Like a Fortress


We at Coinmotion take pride in providing one of the most secure bitcoin services. As security is one of the main concerns surrounding bitcoin, you’re right to be interested in what we do to keep your funds safe.

Our team has over a dozen years of experience building robust systems containing sensitive data, having built and hosted systems including patient information systems backends used in banking and payment platforms. We take security seriously and have the track record to prove it.

Hardened servers and software

We own and control our servers, whose every component has been configured to be hardened and secure. There are no unnecessary services or components, and the necessary ones are always kept up to date. Our servers are hosted in 24/7 guarded data centers in Finland. Coinmotion runs on redundant Linux clusters, eliminating problems from hardware breakdown, with encrypted backups stored off-site in several secure locations.

Everything in Coinmotion is built from scratch. All source code is written with loving hands, analyzed, and rigorously tested. We do not use third-party components or plugins; we maintain full control of the whole system and production chain. We do, however, employ third-party penetration testers — just to triple check and be sure.

Secure cold wallet with paper backups

Over 95% of our customer funds are kept safe in an encrypted offline “cold wallet”. In practical terms, this means that your funds are stored completely offline in an isolated wallet, unreachable by both hackers and traditional thieves. Our encrypted paper backups, broken into pieces, are stored across geographically separate bank vaults — we like to prepare for the worst. Your bitcoins would be safe even if someone succeeded to break into a bank vault or all our servers and digital backups were destroyed.

Multi-factor authentication

Even the most secure bank vault is useless if the burglar has the key to the door. For this reason, we require our users to create a strong password and encourage everyone to enable multi-factor authentication. Even if someone manages to steal your login credentials, multi-factor authentication keeps you safe by requiring an additional security code from your mobile phone.

You can enable multi-factor authentication under My details in your Coinmotion account.

If you have any additional questions, we’d love to put your mind at ease. You can contact us by sending us an email at [email protected] or by using the messaging within your Coinmotion account.

Join us at and benefit from our super-secure bitcoin storage.

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