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Coinmotion and KOVA Announce The First Cryptocurrency x Esports Partnership in Finland


We are excited to announce our partnership with a Finnish esports company KOVA! If you are an esports fan, you’ve got some cool things coming your way during the next few months.

Stay tuned for a podcast episode — a complete beginner’s guide to getting into crypto. Hear your favorite Finnish streamers talk about Coinmotion. Get to know what esports and cryptocurrencies have in common. And last but not least, don’t miss out on the perks that await you — create a Coinmotion account. The announcement of a special offer for new users is coming soon.

Click here to learn more:

About Coinmotion

Coinmotion is the leading cryptocurrency investment service in the Nordics. Finland-based Coinmotion has been safely storing customers’ funds since 2012. The company is licensed as a payment institution and cryptocurrency service provider by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority FIN-FSA across the EEA.

Coinmotion makes it easy and safe to invest in cryptocurrencies. The company also offers customers to use their crypto through a payment card, interest account, collateralized loan, and trading in the main markets. Coinmotion makes cryptobanking accessible for everybody regardless of their location or level of knowledge about digital currencies.

About KOVA

KOVA is one of the biggest esports organizations in Finland. KOVA has teams in 8 different games and plays games at a global level. Nowadays 60 people are working or playing under KOVA’s name.

KOVA’s core is making content and videos that the gamer audience loves to watch. With the partners, KOVA is creating things that nobody ever made in esports history.

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