Referral reward

Earn money by referring your friends to Coinmotion


If you like using our service, there is a great chance that your friends do as well. Inviting friends and colleagues to use Coinmotion can benefit both of you. Everyone who sings up using your referral link gets a 50% discount from all of their trades during the first month after registration. Your reward is a 50% commission from the trading fees which the person you invited pays during the first year. Fees paid from custom trades and crypto to crypto trades are not included in the commission payments. 

Our referral bonus system is one of the best in the industry. We recently increased the rewards of our referral system 10-fold, making referring your friends even more compelling.

You can find your personal referral link from the main menu when you are signed in to your account. The link and sharing options open up from the “invite friends” option.

Additionally, we have launched a free WordPress plugin, which you may add to your website or blog. The plugin gives you the opportunity to show the price list of top cryptocurrencies to your followers. If someone registers to Coinmotion through the referral link embedded in the plugin, you’ll get paid 50% of all the trading fees they’ll pay during the first 12 months from registration. You’ll find more information on the referral rewards form your account in the Referrals section, and on the installation of the WordPress plugin from our blog.