Coinmotion service fees and pricing

All you need to know about our pricing

General fees for customer accounts

Opening fee0,00 €
Account management fee0,00 €
Annual fee0,00 €
Trading fee1-2%
Trading fee is a percentual commission of each actualized buy- and sell order. The commission is taken from the amount traded, and is always charged in euros. 
As the customer’s volume increases, the commission decreases according to the volume discount table shown below. Volume means the sum of made and actualized buy and sell orders.  
Volume discounts 
Commission %90 days volume
1,8> 500,00 €
1,6> 2000,00 €
1,4> 10 000,00 €
1,2> 50 000,00 €
1> 250 000,00 €
0,8> 1 000 000,00€
The discounted commission is on the left, whereas the volume needed to obtain it is demonstrated on the right. Exam