Taneli Tikka joins Prasos’ Board of Directors


The addition of Tikka gives the board of Prasos versatile expertise related to the internationalization, funding and board work of growth companies. He has an encompassing background as CEO of different technology-driven growth companies, startup entrepreneur and angel investor.

Taneli Tikka has been chosen to the board of directors of Prasos Ltd in an extraordinary general meeting held on 29th October 2019. Tikka has broad experience about funding growth companies and business deals. Tikka has also acted in the management of Finnish public companies as well as board and advisory positions. Currently he is the founder and chairman of the board for venture builder 52nd Ventures. Tikka has a wide knowledge base of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and business models operating on top of them.

“Taneli will further strengthen the board of directors with his broad expertise and network supporting the company’s growth strategy. Taneli has a strong natural understanding of developing businesses in different stages and a long history in the cryptocurrency sector. The cryptocurrency industry is changing significantly due to regulatory development, which provides a regulated operator like Prasos opportunities for expansion and cooperation. We want to strengthen our position in this changing environment and continue to produce safe, innovative and scalable services for customers also in the future”, states Henry Brade, Chairman of the Board.

The cryptocurrency sector is evolving strongly

The industry and its regulatory framework have evolved significantly in the past years. The financial sector is at a turning point in which fintech companies are entering the domain of traditional banks, and the growth pace will only accelerate. This puts pressure on innovativeness and continuous business development.

“I have long been active in the cryptocurrency sector and am continuously impressed by how fast the industry is evolving. Crypto in its different forms already comprises an entire global financial system. I want to actively partake and develop the growth strategy of Prasos in the coming years. Prasos is one of the few innovative fintech companies in Finland with potential for global scalability”, Tikka states.

Taneli Tikka

Board member, Prasos Ltd

Employment history:

52nd Ventures (COB), SEO Vake (CEO), Tieto Oyj (Innovation leader), Wunderkraut (CEO, PM), Soprano Oyj (COO, PM), Dopplr (COO), Dynamoid (CEO), MTV3 (PM), Kemppi (PM), Umbra (COB), Magenta (CEO), Taika Technologies (CEO, VCOB)

Business angel, growth and serial entrepeneur with experience in over 50 companies as CEO, board member or other advisory position.

Additional information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taneli/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taneli_Tikka

Prasos briefly

The business of Prasos is focused on cryptocurrency exchange and storage. Prasos has been used to exchange cryptocurrencies worth over 250 million euros. The company was founded in Jyväskylä in 2012 and the current team consists of 23 professionals. Prasos has over 80 000 customers and its main services are: Coinmotion.com, Bittiraha.fi and Denarium.com.

Additional information and interview requests

Henry Brade, Chairman of the Board of Prasos Ltd

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