Welcome to the new Coinmotion!


The service is now visually updated and a part from the same basic functions as before, we have added some new great features such as real-time price charts and new payment methods.

We’ve been busy testing our new site but there’s still plenty to do. You can contribute on developing the new site by reporting bugs and mistakes you find through our bug reporting tool located on https://bugs.coinmotion.com/projects/coinmotion-bug-reports.

  • If you report a valid bug, you will be eligible for a cash reward. Rewards start from 50 euros and the reward sum depends on the severity of the bug. We will pay the reward to the first person that has reported the specific bug.
  • All reports, suggestions and ideas will enter a special draw for physical Denarium coins. Five winners will be randomly selected to receive a Denarium coin.

You can report bugs on our Redmine-platform. Read more about our new site.

In the upcoming update we will add a feature which allows you to easily follow the value development of your cryptocurrency portfolio in Coinmotion.

Happy trading!

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