Announcing 0% Fee Campaign & Stop Orders

Invest in bitcoins. Safely and securely.
Starting from today Coinmotion is processing orders with a zero percent commission. This campaign will be active until 20th of April at 12:00 (EEST). This is a great opportunity to try out our service. Additionally we are announcing Stop Orders. This is a new type of order which can be used in addition to regular buy / sell orders and limit orders. Unlike with a regular limit order, where you may be trying to buy when the price goes low to a certain point, or you may be trying to sell when the price is going up to a certain point, with stop orders you are doing the opposite. With a stop order you are buying when the price goes up to a certain point, trying to ride an uptrend in price. Or alternatively you are selling when the price goes down to a certain point, trying to ride a downtrend in price. Here is what Coinmotion offers, in a nutshell:
  • Secure and reliable platform for investing in bitcoins
  • Safe wallet for storing bitcoins and euros
  • Buying and selling using regular orders, limit orders and stop orders
  • Quick processing for SEPA transfers
  • Best suited for customers that are able to make SEPA bank transfers
Later this week we will announce our new volume discount system. We will be adding volume discount tiers with great incentives and here is the icing on the cake: all trading volume acquired during the zero fee campaign period will count for the new discount tiers. Additionally we will be re-launching SOFORT deposits later this week as well, so stay tuned for our next announcement! Best regards, Henry Brade CEO Coinmotion — Invest in bitcoins. Safely and securely.

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