Announcing SOFORT Payments & Volume Discounts



SOFORT allows instant bank transfer from 13 European countries

We are proud to announce that Coinmotion now supports SOFORT instant bank transfers. SOFORT provides instant payments from 13 European countries: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

As a bitcoin broker we are focused on fast payments and personal service. We offer free guidance for any issues related to bitcoin investing. For active traders we have now also launched volume discounts.

Volume discounts

Our regular brokering commission is 2 % but now we have enabled the following volume discount table, based on trailing 30-day volume:

Moving forward

Our next big update will be the Vault account feature. This will be launched in May. Additionally we are working hard to add new payment methods both for depositing and withdrawing. Some of the upcoming payment methods are quite unique and exciting. More information on the new payment methods will be released soon!

Happy trading,

Coinmotion Team

Coinmotion is a secure platform for buying, selling and storing bitcoins. We make investing in bitcoins secure and reliable. Our expert team offers personal assistance in all matters related to bitcoin investing. Our service is currently best suited for European citizens.

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