Introducing Coinmotion Ambassador campaign

We are opening an Ambassador program to Coinmotion users who want to participate in the development of the service. Ambassadors will be the first to hear about upcoming features and have the possibility to give feedback about them. The Ambassadors will communicate with our development team and can give improvement ideas straight to the team.

Quarterly workshops with the development team

We will be organizing quarterly workshops together with our development team and Ambassadors. As an Ambassador you are welcome to participate in these workshops and discuss about current and upcoming features. The workshops will be held either in Finland in later announced location or online so that every Ambassador can participate regardless of their location.

We will support our Ambassadors on their own cryptocurrency projects as well. We give support to organizing events or other cryptocurrency related activities.

Possibility to test new features in the Coinmotion Beta version

The Ambassadors will get an access to our Beta service at some point as well. This possibility will be given later to all Ambassadors. In the first phase we are going to focus on working together in the workshops and other online communication channels.

We launch new features in Coinmotion with a protocol where we add the new feature first to a small portion of our customers. We call this protocol soft launch and the main launch to all customers hard launch. As an Ambassador you will be always included in the soft launch so you will be among the first customers to get access to new features in Coinmotion.

Coinmotion Ambassador Program

Coinmotion needs the help of local cryptocurrency enthusiasts to help us to take cryptocurrency investing mainstream and to grow into a strong and trustworthy cryptocurrency financial service platform. Being an early supporter of cryptocurrencies, we would like to ask you to consider becoming a Coinmotion Ambassador. Currently we are searching for volunteers around the globe so if you are interested in participating, please fill in the application! The application will be processed in 4-9 days.
    By submitting this Coinmotion Ambassador application, You consent to the processing of your personal data concerning Coinmotion Ambassador -program. The information provided in the application is used exclusively for this Coinmotion Ambassador Volunteer Program. You may revoke your consent at any time. I confirm that I have read Prasos Oy’s Privacy Policy
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