Weekly News 11 / 2018 : First Beta Lightning Network Launched

The price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is lowest since the beginning of February. Bitcoin is struggling to keep above $8 000 and all the other main cryptocurrencies are experiencing losses as well. This is continuation of the trend that's been going on for the most of the year. After the price of bitcoin inflated greatly in the end of 2017, many proposed that the growth is too fast to be sustainable. Some people were even going into debt to buy

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News Week 4 / 2018 : South Korea Woes Slump Markets

The passing week has been relatively slow for cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies slumping down or having relatively weak levels of growth. For savvy investor this, of course, offers a good moment to buy, as bitcoin, ether and litecoin are on relatively low levels. [caption id="attachment_739" align="aligncenter" width="601"] South Korean crypto-regulation, and especially media panic over it, have been blamed for this weeks market situation.[/caption] Bitcoin started the week with a strong growth, reaching levels of over 13 000

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Weekly News 43 / 2017: Bitcoin Gold Turmoil on Markets

Apple Computer’s co-creator Steve Wozniak believes Bitcoin could be even better than gold. (PHOTO: Bitcoin Magazine)

The price of bitcoin has seen some volatility during the week after breaking new record price of over 6 000 dollars in the last week. After the new high, bitcoin prices begun to fall for few consecutive days, reaching prices as low as 5 500 dollars. Since then the price has seen a recovery, rising to ranges of about 5 800 dollars. This kind of wavy pattern has historically been the way bitcoin price has grown. Fast price rises have

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Weekly News 41 / 2017: Bitcoin breaks all-time high of over 5 500$

Bitcoin breaks all-time high of over 5 500$

After weeks of uncertainity and wiggling cryptocoin prices, Bitcoin's native token has resumed its rally towards higher prices. Bitcoin prices have reached and broken new records, as the all-time high of 5 800 dollars has been achieved and surpassed. The rally seems to be hot, as bitcoin prices are up over 75% from their September lows. Prices have gained as much as over 10% in one day. Varied reasons have been proposed for the market price raise. Bitcoin has gone

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Weekly News 39 / 2017: Bitcoin Prices Affected By a Potential ICO Ban

The week has seen lot of volatility on the markets, as the bitcoin’s price begun to climb towards its highest points in many weeks, just to fall down when the global media heard that South Korea might be banning ICOs. As for now it’s impossible to say if and when this will happen, but the markets have already reacted and fallen few percents after the news. It seems that the crackdown on ICOs and Bitcoin by governments and central banks

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Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency news – Week 22/2017

Russia to create its own cryptocurrency - Cryptoruble Bitcoin came out as a promise of a universal currency that does not correlate with the stock markets and is absolutely free from any country’s political decisions. This provided a huge advantage in times of political and economic uncertainty. At some point, however, we have witnessed an interesting trend with a new generation of cryptocurrencies popping up with the focus on the totally opposite goal - to build a money system solving

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