Coinmotion API – Instructions

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Using Coinmotion API is a relatively easy process. Here’s what you have to do:
  1. If your account doesn’t yet have a two-factor authentication, please activate it from here.
  2. Generate your API -key from here. Remember to save your API -key after you’ve created it as the secret part of the key is not recoverable. Think carefully what permissions you grant for your key as the abuse possibilities are restricted to the permissions you grant in case where the key is accessed by unauthorized personnel.
  3. Now you can pass your keys to the application you created them for. In case you are going to make one yourself, you can find the API documentation from here.
API key permissions:
  • Get balances – Grants access for balances.
  • Buy – Grants ability to change euros for bitcoins
  • Sell – Grants ability to change bitcoins for eur
  • Get/new deposit address – Grans ability to obtain an accounts deposit address and to create a new one.
  • Send bitcoins – Grants ability to make Bitcoin transactions from your account. Take extra precautions for this one!
  • Deposit EUR – Grants ability to prepare an euro deposit. Take note that this is not a direct bank transfer, but only informs the Coinmotion -site of incoming deposit, which is needed for approving the bank transfer.
  • Withdraw EUR – Grants ability to make withdraw requests to IBAN -accounts. This permission is less dangerous than Send bitcoins, as IBAN account number is not possible to set through the API. Remember to set your account number from your Coinmotion account settings if you are going to use this feature.
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