What is the best app to buy crypto? Coinmotion is now available for Android and iOS


We have released a mobile app for Coinmotion users. Accessing your funds, trading, and making deposits and withdrawals is now smoother than ever with the new mobile app which can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. You’ll find the app from App Store and Google Play.

As the app has been launched recently, expect us to add lots of new features and improvements to it in the upcoming months. At this point, you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, manage your funds, make deposits and withdrawals, and follow the crypto markets.

Trade with ease

Most importantly, the app makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies easier and more convenient for you. The Trade view shows you the current market price, amount of the transaction, trading fees, and tells you clearly what you’ll get from the transaction.

Do you want to trade some other crypto than bitcoin? Find the menu with all the available cryptocurrencies by clicking on the bar, which shows you the current market price. Choose your crypto and start trading!

Follow the markets

“Should I buy or sell?” To make the decision easier, take a look at what’s happening in the crypto markets by tapping Markets on the main menu. The first thing you’ll see is whether the market has been up or down in the past 24 hours, and by clicking on the different cryptos you’ll get a more detailed view of that crypto’s market evolution.

The next updates will enable you to add price alerts as push notifications to your phone, which will help you keep track of the markets even better.

Manage your funds

The app makes it easy to access and manage your funds whenever and wherever you are. Choose Wallets from the main menu, and you’ll see a nice recap of all your funds in Coinmotion. You can tap on any currency, which then opens up a more specific view of the wallet.

In case of cryptos, this view reminds you how much of that crypto you have available for trading, reserved for trading orders, being safe in the Vault, or gathering interest in the Interest Account. This page also allows you to move directly to the Trade page by tapping Buy or Sell buttons.

Deposits and withdrawals

Sending euros to and from your Coinmotion account with the app is super simple. The app contains all the familiar payment methods – SEPA transfer, debit and credit card payments, and a few additional instant payment methods such as S-pankki and SOFORT.

Tap on Transfer to deposit euros to the platform, and to withdraw them back to your bank account. Cryptocurrency transfers will be made possible in the following updates.

Start by downloading the app from App Store or Google Play

You can find the app from Google Play and App Store by simply typing “Coinmotion” to the search field. Downloading the app should take only a few seconds with a decent internet connection. After downloading the app to your phone or tablet, just sign in to your account and you’re ready to manage your funds and invest in cryptocurrencies on Coinmotion!

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