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Coinmotion and Floorball Team Westend Indians Sign Finland’s First Crypto x Traditional Sports Partnership


Helsinki, December 21, 2021 — Finland’s leading Cryptocurrency platform Coinmotion and Espoo-based floorball team Westend Indians are proud to announce a partnership. The cooperation kicked off when Aaro Astala, floorball player at Westend Indians, reached out to Coinmotion with a suggestion to cooperate. Astala has been a happy user of Coinmotion and wanted his professional and personal interests to find a synergy.

Thanks to Astala’s initiative, Coinmotion and Westend Indians agreed to start a year-long partnership spreading awareness of a secure Finnish cryptocurrency platform among Espoo floorball fans.

As public events are coming back into the everyday lives of Finns, floorball viewers will notice Coinmotion advertisements at the stadiums and rinks. The two organizations will spread educational cryptocurrency information as well as a unique perk for the fans. In addition, two gold-level athletes, Aaro Astala and Otto Lehkosuo will be promoting the special offer for fans in their social media accounts.

Customers and global trends direct Coinmotion’s development

Aaro Astala says:

“I first heard about cryptocurrencies from a good friend of mine, after which I started to explore the subject more in-depth. I quickly realized that cryptocurrencies, especially decentralized blockchain technology, would be one of the major revolutions in the future. In my opinion, in today’s world, a well-diversified portfolio should have some market exposure to cryptocurrencies.’

“From my first investments in cryptocurrency to this date, I’ve always used the services provided by Coinmotion because I think it’s the most reliable Finnish service provider that has a very user-friendly platform with great features,” Astala adds.

Heidi Hurskainen, CEO at Coinmotion, says: 

“It’s exciting for us to partner up with an organization such as Westend Indians, with whom we bring the global trend of crypto and traditional sports to our home market. The worldwide trend of crypto and traditional sports comes together in the form of partnerships and fan token issuances. We are happy to ride this wave and onboard Finns interested in cryptocurrencies.”

Mika Leiponen, CEO of Westend Indians, says: 

“Westend Indians is pleased to enter into a partnership with Coinmotion. The goals of our club community are ambitious, and together with Coinmotion, we will take another step forward. We believe our cooperation will be rewarding for both parties, and it will be great to write a shared story.”

About Coinmotion

Coinmotion is a platform for anyone who wants to invest in crypto safely and securely regardless of their expertise in digital currencies. The company aims to make cryptocurrencies easy to use for anyone, despite their background, location, or age.

The company was established in Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2012, envisioned to empower regular people in controlling their money.

In fall 2021, Coinmotion launched Finland’s first crypto-esports partnerships with teams KOVA and ENCE. Coinmotion, being at the front of the global crypto trends in Europe, supports Finnish organizations while bringing knowledge about cryptocurrency investing to broad audiences.

Besides that, Coinmotion’s partners come mainly from the financial sector — such as Klarna, which enables instant euro deposits across Europe, and Lerex Technology which powers the Coinmotion prepaid debit Mastercard® card.

About Westend Indians

Founded in 1992, Westend Indians is one of Finland’s largest floorball clubs and one of the largest sports clubs in Espoo. The club, known for the yellow and black colors, gets about 1,500 Tribes in 125 teams and hobby groups moving weekly. The men’s representative team plays in the floorball F-league and is one of the most-watched sports teams in Espoo.

The club has been awarded the Tähtiseura recognition for its high-quality club work.

More information about the Coinmotion-Westend Indians partnership

Read more about the offer for Finnish floorball fans here:

For more information, please contact:

Niklas Sluijter, CMO at Coinmotion nsluijter at

Mika Leiponen, CEO of Westend Indians mika.leiponen at

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