Radio Intereconomía Awards — Coinmotion wins the award for most impactful business


Radio Intereconomía, the radio station in Spain for economics, inaugurated the first edition of the Radio Intereconomía Awards on October 27, 2022, at Princesa Palace Hotel in Madrid. The gala brought together more than 200 entrepreneurs and professionals from the financial and economic sector, with the presence of the Deputy Minister of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Llamas Fraga, who gave the opening speech at the event.

The awards had five categories, plus a special one from the editorial staff. The awards were: Innovation, Impact, Leadership, Sustainability, and Excellence.

I Premios radio Intereconomía ganadores

These premiere awards went to six companies. Coinmotion won the award for most impactful business. Fundación Mahou San Miguel won the award for Leadership. Bodegas Matarromera for Sustainability. Makro for Excellence, Amazon Web Services, and RAE for Innovation. Ferrovial won the editorial staff’s special award.

I premios radio Intereconomía ganador Coinmotion

Nominations for the 1st Radio Intereconomía Awards

Coinmotion is one of the first companies in Europe to work in the cryptocurrency sector. It was also the first company in Europe to be officially registered as a cryptocurrency operator through the Finnish financial authority, FIN-FSA (counterpart of the CNMV in Spain), and the first to be licensed as a Payment Institution operating in all countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Note also that Coinmotion is based in Finland, one of the friendliest nations in terms of the legal approach to cryptocurrencies. It is also among the countries with the strongest economies in terms of industrialization in Europe, and years of experience in

regulation and innovation of products and services in the cryptomarket. Coinmotion has over 50 employees, many of them experts in cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, investment services, regulation, and over 20 years of experience in the banking sector.

The year 2021 was a record year for Coinmotion, which clearly demonstrates its consolidation in the market and maturity as a company in the cryptoasset sector. Some of the data supporting Coinmotion’s success showed its increase in trading volume in 2021 by 404%, exceeding €754 million. In 2021, revenues increased by 458% thanks to a 110% increase in registered users, reaching 147,000, and over 25,000 downloads in mobile applications, which represented a 608% increase compared to 2020. And during the last recorded fiscal year (2021), it generated 14 million euros in revenues.

It is noteworthy the fact that Finland chose Coinmotion together with Tesseract Group Oy to liquidate $75 million in Bitcoin from its treasury.  Brokers sold the cryptocurrency during the spring and early summer, according to Finnish Customs, after signing contracts for two years. Customs has 1,981 bitcoins, of which it wanted to sell 1,890. That is an example of the government’s confidence in the company’s good performance at the European level.

Award winner Coinmotion at the 1st Radio Intereconomía Awards

Since its inception, Coinmotion has in its DNA to develop actions to familiarize society with the new financial ecosystem. Thus, it has developed initiatives dedicated to training and information, which have helped to promote a better understanding of the system.

In Spain, it is developed through Coinmotion’s Cryptoassets Observatory, which is dedicated to promoting society’s learning and acceptance of cryptocurrency. Within the framework of the Observatory, pioneering initiatives have been introduced in the Spanish market, such as those listed below.

Coinmotion has promoted the dissemination of studies on cryptoassets, with special emphasis on regulation, training of journalists, and making it eco-social. Its blog educates on topics such as investor risk prevention, among others.

A tax guide was also prepared to disseminate information on how to declare cryptocurrencies in Spain, even before tax authorities made it mandatory. It also created and launched a training module on investing in cryptoassets in the new era of finance in collaboration with Funds People.

On the other hand, it highlighted the presence of women in crypto through the 1st Meeting of Women in the Cryptocurrency Industry. It has developed socialization campaigns, such as the launching of the world’s first cryptoclip financed 100% with bitcoin featuring renowned Spanish singer Huecco.

It has also created a nationwide network of Partners whose main objective is to promote the crypto-economy through independent advisers. Noteworthy as well is its collaborations with several universities and chambers of commerce.

Last but not least, Coinmotion has developed a plugin for WordPress so any website has access to information on cryptocurrency prices, evolution, history, and a currency-crypto converter.

Such initiatives and social actions, which facilitate information and instruction on cryptocurrencies aimed at promoting their adoption with more professional rigor, may have been the main reason behind the jury’s decision to elect Coinmotion as the most impactful business project.

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