Customers opinions and comments on Coinmotion


I’m sure you have googled comments and experiences of products before adding them to your cart. The same goes with searching information on companies that provide a service, as there are so many options available and you want to make sure you choose the best alternative there is.

Surely, the same goes when looking for the best crypto trading platform. For example, looking through our web pages you’ll see that Prasos Oy is a licensed cryptocurrency trading platform. With this information you’ll know the platform is secure, but this might not be enough – the opinions and experiences of other users of a service are vital in the decision making process of today’s consumer.

In the change of the year we conducted a customer satisfaction survey that was made available to all of our 80,000 customers, and wanted to share the results and some of the comments our customers have given about us. Hopefully this article will help you in the search for the best possible service provider!

Customers opinions on Coinmotion

A clear majority of our customers mainly use Coinmotion for long term investing, and feel that our platform is very suitable for this purpose. The top positive feedback items in our survey were:

  • Easy To Use
  • Trustworthy
  • Finnish
  • Works well
  • Secure

User friendliness and security are our top priorities, and we were happy to see these were the things our customers gave us the most positive feedback of. As a big part of our customers are Finns, the fact that we’re a local actor was very much appreciated.

To offer the same kind of local benefit to our customers all over the world, and to make our products even more user-friendly, we have taken steps into offering our services in various languages to enable our international customers to use our services with ease.

Improving our services

Surveys are conducted to see not only what we’re doing good, but also where we should improve. We asked our customers what kind of new products would they like to see in our platform, and found out that a mobile application and some sort of interest rate products were in high demand. Most thought our selection of cryptos is wide enough as it is, but some would’ve wanted to see new cryptocurrencies such as BCH and XRM.

We’re currently not planning on widening our selection of cryptos, but we did launch two new features to Coinmotion after the survey. If you’ve been using Coinmotion with your phone, I’m sure you’ve already downloaded our Progressive Web Application. Our PWA for mobile- and tablet devices makes it smoother for mobile users to invest in cryptocurrencies, where and whenever they like to.

Even more importantly, we added a new product to our saving services: a cryptocurrency interest account. Cryptocurrency lending markets are a relatively new phenomenon that you can join through our interest account service provided in cooperation with Tesseract. Development in the industry is fast, and we’re happy to be a part of the new shapes its forming. Moreover, interests on cryptos are quite generous in comparison to those of the traditional financial services, which makes this new product even more interesting.

Experiences and comments on Coinmotion

As to wrap up we’d like to share the open comments we received from the survey. We want to thank every customer who took part in this survey and helped us improve our platform. If you have any feedback to us, remember that you can always share us your thoughts through the little feedback button available on our website, or by contacting our customer service.

  • I like the opportunity to gather bonuses from referrals
  • I don’t feel like “lost” at any point when using the service
  • Very simple, easy to use, and clear instructions
  • Coinmotion has always worked reliably
  • Fast reacting to problems
  • Safe and secure
  • Continuous development of services
  • Fast service

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