Important notification about future hard forks in the Bitcoin network


After Bitcoin Cash hard fork took place in August, forking bitcoin network to create new altcoins has become a new trend. There are several forks estimated to take place in the near future including Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin God and “fake” Segwit2x among others. We expect that most of these forks won’t gain much interest, usage or value over time. Due to our efforts to keep our service as user friendly and secure as possible we do not guarantee that we will support these or any other hard forks in the future.

If you want to guarantee that you will receive the coins from a hard fork, you need to transfer your bitcoins to a wallet that supports the hard fork before the hard fork is executed. However, even though we don’t plan to support every hard fork, we may deliver the forked coins to all our customers later if a particular coin gains a significant value.

As mentioned in our previous announcement, all our customers who had bitcoins in our service when the Bitcoin Cash hard fork took place, will receive their tokens in January. All the tokens will be converted into bitcoin and deposited to the client´s Coinmotion account in the second week of January. 

The second major hard fork, Bitcoin Gold tokens, will be delivered later to all the customers who had bitcoins in our service when the fork occurred. The procedure will be the same as with bitcoin cash. We will inform the delivery date by April 2018.

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