Leading bitcoin broker in the Nordics Prasos is looking for equity investments to boost its expansion in Europe


Press release: 22.11.2017

With expected revenue of 3 M€ for the current financial year, the Finnish company aims to gain a leading position in Europe and reach 16M€ revenue during the next three years.


The first stage of the public round started on 9th of November. The investment range is from 750 057€ to 2 499 959 € and in 7 days the company raised 35% of the minimum target from existing owners and private investors. Now the round has been launched to public participation.

“Since the last Invesdor round in 2015, our revenue has quadrupled and by the end of this financial year we are seeing our revenue increase in a faster pace. The company is currently highly profitable, but as the sector is growing rapidly, we need to invest in the international expansion with larger stakes. We also want to further develop our investment services to regular investors that want to diversify their investment portfolio into cryptocurrencies. Our current shareholders have received the new round very positively and we have received new private and professional investors from Finland and from abroad.” indicates the CEO and co-founder of Prasos, Henry Brade.


During the internationalization process, the management is supported by important investors and advisors that have extensive experience in strategic business development and cybersecurity;

  • Alistair Milne ( Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager at Altana Digital Currency Fund and Technology / Media / Telecoms (TMT) entrepreneur)
  • Khalid Aziz (Telco and communication industry specialist with an extensive network of industry influencers)
  • Ville Oehman (Entrepreneur and investor based in Singapore, currently focusing on bitcoin, FinTech and cybersecurity sectors).

“The reason why I strongly believe in Prasos is because I think that the strategy and vision are right. The leadership is strong and the team is prepared to take the business to the next level. We are very conscious and will continue being very conscious about the emerging challenges in the ecosystem and we need to continue being agile to succeed in such a fast moving environment.” Prasos´s advisor, Khalid Aziz, indicates.

Prasos wants to take cryptocurrency investing mainstream

The whole sector has developed strongly during the last years and the market is currently experiencing a clear shift to early mainstream adoption. Cryptocurrency based investment products have been created, but the market is still in the early stage and the current exchange and investment services are not sufficiently mature.

“There is a great growth potential in the development of secure services oriented for regular investors. Prasos is focusing the resources on making the investment procedure as easy and convenient as possible for the investors and aim to achieve this goal by further developing its Coinmotion investment platform and by concurrently establishing commercial partnerships with traditional companies providing investment services. We are the leading provider of Bitcoin services in the Nordic countries. The next step is to become the leader in Europe.” Brade adds.


More information and interview requests:

Heidi Hurskainen
Commercial Director /Prasos Oy
[email protected], tel. +358 442316864

Henry Brade
CEO, Co-founder/Prasos Oy
[email protected]

Prasos is concentrated in the exchange of cryptocurrencies and asset management. The company was founded in Jyväskylä in 2012 and the company´s current team consists of 15 professionals from different business areas. Prasos has over 50 000 clients in Europe and it operates under the following main brands: Bittiraha.fi, Coinmotion.com and Denarium. For more information, please visit prasos.fi.

For more information of the round, please visit invesdor.com/Prasos



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