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Coinmotion and Elisa Esports Sign a Partnership That Brings Crypto to Fans Across Europe


Elisa Esports and Coinmotion are proud to announce a partnership. The two companies will spread crypto- and financial education opportunities as well as unique perks for esports fans interested in investing and using cryptocurrencies across Europe.

Coinmotion’s Chief Marketing Officer Niklas Sluijter said: “Crypto, gaming, and content have a bright future together. With everything from collectible NFT’s and fan-tokens to crowdfunding your next favorite game and creators, gaming can rise to a whole new level. Together with Elisa Esports, we’re happy to guide new players into the world of crypto, safely and securely.”

About Elisa Esports

Elisa Esports produces a world-class Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament and follows Finnish teams competing around the world. The company aims to become the leading Esports operator in the Nordic countries. It’s currently a part of the 3M dollar Elisa Champion of Champions tour – planned to end in fall 2022.

Elisa Esports is part of Elisa Corporation.

About Coinmotion

Coinmotion is a platform for anyone who wants to invest in crypto safely and securely regardless of their expertise in digital currencies. The company aims to make cryptocurrencies easy to use for anyone, despite their background, location, or age.

The company was established in Jyväskylä, Finland in 2012, envisioned to empower regular people in controlling their money.

Coinmotion and Esports

The company entered the esports scene in August 2021, when Finland’s first crypto partnerships kicked off with teams KOVA and ENCE. Following the global trend of crypto-esports collaborations, Coinmotion supports Finnish companies while bringing knowledge about cryptocurrency investing to broad audiences.

Read more about the offer for Elisa Esports viewers here: https://coinmotion.com/elisa/

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