Prasos is now Coinmotion


Prasos Oy, which has been providing cryptocurrency services since 2012, has changed its name to Coinmotion Oy. From now on, the company operates under the same name as its largest service,

The name change was a natural continuation of the company’s shifting focus to developing the Coinmotion service. In addition to Coinmotion, the company will continue to maintain, Finland’s leading Bitcoin news site, and the Bittimaatti Bitcoin automation network under its subsidiary Prasos Cash Management Oy.

Diverse investment services for the international market

The company’s operations began in 2012 with, which offers bitcoin brokerage and cryptocurrency-related news for Finns. Later, other services have come alongside, the most significant of which has become the international investment platform. Since 2018, operations focus has been firmly on developing Coinmotion into an internationally competitive cryptocurrency investment service.

“The company is used to maintaining many brands at the same time, but it has been found to be challenging for marketing. We often had to talk about both Prasos and Coinmotion, and explain what it was all about. With this name change, the issue is simplified and there is less need for explanation. This way we get the message out better, ” says Henry Brade, Chairman of the Board of Coinmotion Oy.

Coinmotion grew into Prasos’ largest service

Until 2016, Bittiraha’s buying and selling service — and, later on, the invoicing service — was the most significant commercial service in Prasos. In the same year, Prasos acquired the Coinmotion platform in business acquisition and began developing a more versatile service for investing and using cryptocurrencies than Bittiraha. The Coinmotion platform was more technically advanced and provided customers with a safe way to store bitcoins.

The user base of Coinmotion grew significantly in 2017, and it soon became the company’s largest and most versatile service, where customers can, for example, make monthly savings, earn interest, pay bills and make free money transfers between users.

The company’s focus has shifted more and more to the development of the Coinmotion service. We are adding new services and features regularly:

Updates to Coinmotion’s services

Regardless of the name change, we will continue with the same goals as before. We want to offer the best platform in Europe for investing in and using cryptocurrencies, as well as top-class customer service. Welcome to use all the services of Coinmotion Oy!

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Hassan Daloo
Hassan Daloo
29/09/2020 09:57

Can i buy bitcoin by ATM CASH 💰

Robin Nyberg
Robin Nyberg
02/10/2020 10:54
Reply to  Hassan Daloo

Yes, you can. For more information please visit

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